South Valley Chivas Academy had the pleasure of having Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) scout Gabriel Lucatero come up from Los Ángeles to watch a match of the South Valley Chivas 04B team this past Saturday at the Porterville Sports Complex. 

During the game, scout Lucatero identified some of the players from SVCA 04B who will go down and try out for the LAFC Academy teams. The Chivas organization said it looks forward to what’s to come. 

When asked by parents why he had come up to Porterville to watch a game, Lucatero’s response was they know the Valley is a hot bed for good players and also that one of the scouts of LAFC has a long standing relationship with the Hernandez brothers of SVCA, and the Chivas are known for developing good players. Those were the main reasons why they were willing to drive three hours up to Porterville to see players from South Valley Chivas. 

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