STRATHMORE — The Strathmore High boys basketball team has built a steady six game win streak ]after Tuesday's game against the Woodlake Tigers at Spartan Gym. The Spartans offense proved to be too much for the Tigers as Strathmore went on to win 53-20.

Robert Bojorquez led the team with 21 points and Gabe Bower was next up at 10.

Strathmore led just 6-5 after the first quarter. Alex Rodriguez snapped up the ball for an easy basket to give Strathmore an 8-5 lead. The Tigers responded with a three pointer of their own tying the game up once again 8-8.

Bower snagged another two pointer to give Strathmore a 12-8 lead halfway through the second quarter.

A pass to Sebastian Gonzalez is then thrown to Jalen Manivanh and then back to Bojorquez who moved to the three point line for a perfect set up that he pulls off with ease scoring a three to give the Spartans their 16-10 lead. Ambriz later takes no time in waiting and fired the ball over to Bojorquez who, again at the three point line, scored an impressive shot to give Strathmore a 19-10 lead.

Strathmore settled for a 21-14 halftime lead..

In the third quarter was one of the most impressive series of plays by the Spartans for the game. Cael Alkire pulled down a rebound and he passed it off to Aeneas Ambriz and Bojorquez who again pulled the Tigers out of alignment before passing to Bower who made the three to bring Strathmore's lead to 24-14 with only a few minutes left on the clock in the third quarter. The Spartans maintained control of the court as they continue to score on the Tigers. Bojorquez scored two three pointers, one after another, and Aneas Ambriz scored the last shot of the third quarter leaving the Tigers trailing 39-18

The fourth quarter started with Woodlake in possession but its quickly taken by Bojorquez who passed it to Bower but the ball makes a trip to Alkire and Manivanh before coming back to Bojorquez for a three point shot to start the Spartans strong.

A Strathmore timeout led to another score by Bower to give Strathmore a 44-18 lead.

With time ticking the Spartans continue their play with almost ten more points before the end of the game with Sebastian Gonzalez scoring for the final margin with a two pointer for a 53-20 lead.

“Honestly, even though we won our offense was pretty flat in the first half. We have some bad habits to get rid of and some good habits to foster, but I think that's where our polish is gonna be going,” Strathmore coach Israel Valdez said. “The second half we only gave up six points but there's some practice we need there as well when it comes to our defense. Just pushing our pace and getting into the zone is what will help us keep securing these wins.”  

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