The Porterville Hurricanes defeated the Porterville Neptunites 551-506 in Tuesday’s swim meet at Granite Hills High School. 

In girls scores, the Neptunites won 276-250 while the Hurricanes boys won 301-230. 

“The weather was pleasant and the swimming was kicked off with the parent relay which was well attended by parents and former swimmers, running nine relays strong,” Hurricanes president, Lance Hyder, said. 

Hyder also noted that the new lane lines provided by Porterville Unified School District were working great at the meet.

Both the Porterville teams are preparing for the Time Trials, Saturday, July 13, at Granite Hills. The meet is hosted by the Neptunites and starts at 9 a.m. Seven teams are competing and Porterville is expecting a couple thousand people to attend.

“Our coaches and swimmers have been working hard and hopefully our swimmers best times will be reached here at the end of the season,” Hyder said.

The Time Trials meet is the qualifying meet for finals which will happen Saturday, July 20, at Sierra High School in Tollhouse, which is below Shaver Lake.


Neptunites 276

Hurricanes 250

Age 6-and-under 

Kaydence Lopez, HURR - free (1st), back (1st)

Lexi Krigbaum, NEPT - free (2nd), back (3rd)

Tarrin Nelms, NEPT - free (3rd), back (2nd)

Camila Oropeza, HURR - free (4th), back (4th)

Layne Merritt, HURR - free (5th)

Willa Lasse, HURR - free (6th), back (9th)

Evaniya Clausen, NEPT - free (7th), back (6th)

Elisabeth Freed, NEPT - free (8th), back (5th)

Ramsey Poe, NEPT - free (9th), back (7th)

Alexa Alvardo, HURR - free (10th)

Brielle Clower, NEPT - back (8th)

Samantha Joudi, NEPT - back (10th)

HURR Layne Merritt, Willa Lasse, Camila Oropeza, Kaydence Lopez - 100 free relay (1st)

Age 8-and-under

Melissa Rodriguez, NEPT - free (1st), back (1st), fly (5th)

Daisy Bay, HURR - free (2nd), fly (1st), breast (1st)

Brynn Merritt, HURR - free (3rd), back (4th), breast (9th)

Clara Davis, HURR - free (4th), fly (3rd), breast (6th)

Alexa Ramirez, HURR - free (5th), back (2nd), breast (3rd)

Eliana Lucio, NEPT - free (6th), fly (4th)

Carley Ruiz, HURR - free (7th)

Jazelle Allen, HURR - free (8th), back (8th), fly (2nd)

Camille Hyder, HURR - free (9th), fly (10th)

Stepahnie Joudi, NEPT - free (10th), back (5th), fly (9th), breast (10th)

Isla Jay, NEPT - back (3rd), breast (2nd)

Aubrey Yacuta, HURR - back (6th)

Jazilyn Ramirez, NEPT - back (7th), fly (7th)

Tatum Christenson, NEPT - back (9th)

Chloe Wolfe, NEPT - back (10th), breast (7th)

Sarah Gates, HURR - fly (6th), breast (4th)

Lexi Krigbaum, NEPT - fly (8th)

Mackinzie Thompson, HURR - breast (5th)

Kaydence Lopez, HURR - breast (8th)

HURR Alexa Ramirez, Brynn Merritt, Clara Davis, Daisy Bay - 100 free relay (T-1st)

NEPT Eliana Lucio, Isla Jay, Chloe Wolfe, Melissa Rodriguez - 100 free relay (T-1st) 

HURR Alexa Ramirez, Daisy Bay, Clara Davis, Brynn Merritt - medley relay (1st)

Ages 9-10 

Lia Tena, HURR - free (1st), back (7th), breast (6th)

Pearl Johnson, NEPT - free (2nd), back (2nd), fly (2nd)

Hannah Jones, NEPT - free (3rd), back (3rd), breast (2nd)

Makenna Garcia, NEPT - free (4th), fly (3rd), breast (3rd)

Rylee Medina, HURR - free (5th), back (9th), breast (4th)

Hayden Cardoza, HURR - free (6th)

Cailin Moody, NEPT - free (7th)

Alexza Rodriguez, NEPT - free (8th), back (4th), fly (4th)

Madelyn Wynn, HURR - free (9th), back (6th)

Sarah Barajas, NEPT - free (10th), back (10th), fly (9th)

Regan Hildreth, NEPT - back (1st), fly (1st), breast (1st)

Aubrey Ordonez, HURR - back (5th)

Elizabeth Robertson, NEPT - back (8th)

Addison Clower, NEPT - fly (5th)

Alana Neale, HURR - fly (6th)

Caylee Coburn, NEPT - fly (7th)

Kaelin Chaney, NEPT - fly (8th)

Sophia Gates, NEPT - fly (10th), breast (5th)

Maddisyn Kizziar, NEPT - breast (7th)

Charlee Ray, HURR - breast (8th)

Aubrey Ordonez, HURR - breast (9th)

Keira Colson, NEPT - breast (10th)

NEPT Makenna Garcia, Hannah Jones, Pearl Johnson, Regan Hildreth - free relay (1st)

NEPT Pearl Johnson, Hannah Jones, Regan Hildreth, Alexza Rodriguez - medley relay (1st)

Ages 11-12

Adelyne Merritt, HURR - free (1st), IM (1st), breast (1st)

Daniella Moreno, NEPT - free (2nd), fly (3rd), breast (5th)

Victoria Moreno, NEPT - free (3rd), back (3rd)

Saydi Barajas, NEPT - free (4th), fly (1st), breast (3rd)

Kambria Weaver, NEPT - free (5th), IM (2nd), breast (6th)

Emmy Anderson, NEPT - free (6th), IM (7th), fly (6th)

Daryan Seaman, NEPT - free (7th), back (7th), fly (2nd)

Katie Chapman, NEPT - free (8th), fly (7th)

Amy Tena, HURR - free (9th), back (9th)

Skylar Malone, NEPT - free (10th), back (4th), breast (4th)

Moorea Moyes, NEPT - back (1st), IM (5th)

Maddison Montecinos, NEPT - back (2nd)

Makenzie Hyder, HURR - back (5th), IM (8th)

Logan Hildreth, NEPT - back (6th), fly (4th), breast (2nd)

Saiya Martinez, NEPT - back (8th)

Grace Clower, NEPT - back (10th), fly (5th)

Jizelle Vigil, HURR - IM (3rd)

Savannah Gates, HURR - IM (4th), fly (9th), breast (8th)

Janie Wilkinson, HURR - IM (6th)

Josymar Gudino, HURR - IM (9th

Abbie Riley, HURR - fly (8th)

Arabella Lucio, HURR - fly (10th)

Kyler Clark, NEPT - breast (7th)

Makenzie Kizziar - breast (9th)

Katie Chapman - breast (10th)

NEPT Victoria Moreno, Daryan Seaman, Saydi Barajas, Daniella Moreno - free relay (1st)

NEPT Victoria Moreno, Logan Hildreth, Daryan Seaman, Daniella Moreno - medley relay (1st)

Ages 13-14 

Ahna Davis, HURR - free (1st), back (1st)

Maycee Hyder, HURR - free (2nd), IM (1st), breast (1st)

Mikayla Rodriguez, NEPT - free (3rd), back (2nd), fly (2nd)

Mary Catherine Strizic, HURR - free (4th), fly (1st), breast (5th)

Sofia Plummer, HURR - free (5th), fly (3rd), breast (3rd)

Ariana German, NEPT - free (6th), IM (3rd), breast (8th)

Alondra Arroyo-Rico, HURR - free (7th), back (3rd)

Ruby Bay, HURR - free (8th), IM (2nd), breast (2nd)

Emily Robertson, NEPT - free (9th), breast (9th)

Emmelie Moreno, NEPT - free (10th), back (5th), IM (4th)

Chanelle Millan, HURR - back (4th), breast (4th)

Zoey Schieler, NEPT - back (6th), fly (6th)

Katelyn Hixon, HURR - back (7th)

Fatima Alarcon, HURR - fly (4th), breast (7th)

Madison Taylor, NEPT - fly (5th), breast (6th)

Payton Ervin, NEPT - IM (5th)

Alyvia Schieler, NEPT - IM (6th), breast (10th)

HURR Maycee Hyder, Sofia Plummer, Mary Catherine Strizic, Ahna Davis - relay (1st)

HURR Ahna Davis, Maycee Hyder, Mary Catherine Strizic, Sofia Plummer - medley relay (1st)

Ages 15-18 

Claire Lee, NEPT - free (1st), breast (1)

Samantha Rainey, HURR - free (2nd)

McKenna Jones, NEPT - free (3rd), back (3rd), breast (3rd)

Evelyn Ordonez, HURR - free (4th)

Ava LoBue, HURR - back (1st)

Infinity Dignam, NEPT - back (2nd), breast (2nd)

HURR Samantha Rainey, Ava LoBue, Shyanne Rainey, Rosemary Chapman - free relay (1st)

Girls 18 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle

Claire Lee, 15, NEPT - 1st

Ava LoBue, 16, HURR - 2nd

Fatima Alarcon, 13, HURR - 3rd

Payton Ervin, 14,  NEPT - 4th

Girls 10 & Under 100 Yard IM

Isla Jay, 8, NEPT - 1st 

Lily Garfield, 10, HURR - 2nd

Caylee Coburn, 9, NEPT - 3rd

Kaelyn Woodyard, 10, HURR - 4th

Gabriela Arroyo, 10, HURR - 5th

Kenzy Colson, 9, NEPT - 6th


Hurricanes 301

Neptunites 230

Age 6-and-under 

Gabriel Martinez, HURR - free (1st), back (1st)

Dominic Ortiz, NEPT - free (2nd), back (2nd)

Nathan Bailey, NEPT - free (3rd), back (4th)

James Gates, HURR - free (4th)

Brandon Harrison, NEPT - free (5th)

Elijah Jones, HURR - free (6th), back (7th)

Blake McDonald, HURR - free (7th), back (3rd)

Wyatt Lewis, NEPT - free (8th), back (5th)

Decker Christenson, NEPT - free (9th), back (6th)

Dillan Harrison, NEPT - free (10th), back (8th)

Ethan Wiloth, HURR - back (9th)

Troy Martinez, HURR - back (10th)

HURR James Gates, Blake McDonald, Dawsen Clark, Gabriel Martinez - 100 free relay (1st)

Age 8-and-under

Deavon Ortiz, NEPT - free (1st), back (2nd), breast (1st)

Micah Bailey, NEPT - free (2nd), back (1st), breast (2nd)

Ezra Sierra, NEPT - free (3rd), fly (2nd), breast (5th)

Moses Gamez, HURR - free (4th), back (4th), fly (4th)

Michael Wilkinson, HURR - free (5th), fly (1st)

John Bower, NEPT - free (6th), back (3rd)

Rio Porter, HURR - free (7th), fly (7th), breast (4th)

Logan Cruess, HURR - free (8th), back (8th), fly (5th)

Carter Christenson, NEPT - free (9th), back (6th), breast (7th)

Benjamin Callahan, NEPT - free (10th), fly (3rd)

Bryson Gemmell, NEPT - back (5th)

Blake Sandoval, NEPT - back (7th), fly (9th), breast (9th)

Michael Blevins, NEPT - back (9th)

Brody Weaver, NEPT - back (10th), breast (10th)

Bill Colson, NEPT - fly (6th), breast (8th)

Dawsen Clark, HURR - fly (8th)

Joe Cordova, NEPT - breast (3rd)

James Gates, HURR - breast (6th)

NEPT John Bower, Micah Bailey, Ezra Sierra, Deavon Ortiz - free relay (1st) 

HURR Logan Cruess, Rio Porter, Michael Wilkinson, Moses Gamez - medley relay (1st)

Ages 9-10 

Reid Davis, HURR - free (1st), fly (4th), breast (4th)

Kolton Hyder, HURR - free (2nd), back (1st), breast (5th)

Joel Solis, NEPT - free (3rd), breast (3rd)

Blake Rogers, HURR - free (4th), fly (3rd), breast (2nd)

Sebastian Mendoza, HURR - free (5th), back (5th), breast (9th)

Kennedy Garcia, NEPT - free (6th), back (3rd), breast (8yj)

Charles Gates, HURR - free (7th), fly (7th), breast (6th)

Seth McBride, NEPT - free (8th), back (4th), fly (6th)

Atticus Loftin, HURR - free (9th), breast (10th)

Xavier Clausen, NEPT - free (10th), back (6th)

Luke Merritt, HURR - back (2nd), fly (2nd), breast (7th)

Micah Bravo, HURR - back (7th), fly (5th)

Gauge Behrens, HURR - back (8th)

Emory Bohn, NEPT - back (9th)

Reef Fredrick, HURR - back (10th)

Ethan Torres, NEPT - fly (1st), breast (1st)

Andrew Barajas, NEPT - fly (8th)

Zachary Crissman, NEPT - fly (9th)

Galvin Nelms, NEPT - fly (10th)

HURR Reid Davis, Luke Merritt, Blake Rogers, Kolton Hyder - free relay (1st)

HURR Kolton Hyder, Blake Rogers, Luke Merritt, Reid Davis - medley relay (1st)

Ages 11-12 

Canyon Johnson, NEPT - free (1st), back (1st), fly (1st)

Danny Rodriguez, NEPT - free (2nd), IM (1st), breast (1st)

Zachary Klarcyk, HURR - free (3rd), fly (4th), breast (3rd)

Killian Fredrick, HURR - free (4th), IM (3rd), breast (8th)

Parker Cotten, NEPT - free (5th), back (2nd), breast (2nd)

Nicolas Wilkinson, HURR - free (6th), back (4th), breast (6th)

Nikko Duran, HURR - free (7th), fly (5th)

Alex Cuevas, NEPT - free (8th), back (3rd), breast (10th)

Samuel Ruiz, HURR - free (9th), fly (3rd), breast (5th)

Kai Porter, HURR - free (10th), breast (4th)

Joseph Herrera, HURR - back (5th), breast (7th)

Leonardo Mendoza, HURR - back (6th), breast (9th)

Micah Leon, NEPT - back (7th)

Israel May, HURR - back (8th), IM (4th)

Adam Harrison, NEPT - back (9th)

Carsten Clark, HURR - IM (2nd), fly (2nd)

NEPT Alex Cuevas, Parker Cotten, Canyon Johnson, Danny Rodriguez - free relay (1st)

NEPT Alex Cuevas, Danny Rodriguez, Canyon Johnson, Parker Cotten - medley relay (1st)

Ages 13-14 

Cohen Cotten, NEPT - free (1st), IM (1st), breast (1st)

Jack LoBue, HURR - free (2nd), fly (3rd), breast (3rd)

Chase Fisher, HURR - free (3rd), back (2nd), fly (2nd)

Noah Bravo, HURR - free (4th), back (3rd), fly (1st)

Jody Duran, HURR - free (5th), back (4th)

Aiden Gagsby, NEPT - free (6th), fly (5th), breast (9th)

Carson Ishida, NEPT - free (7th), fly (4th), breast (6th)

Zachary Chapman, NEPT - free (8th), IM (4th), breast (4th)

Kaleb Klarcyk, HURR - free (9th), IM (3rd), breast (8th)

Wyatt Daniels, NEPT - free (10th), IM (5th)

Jack Bailey, NEPT - back (1st), IM (2nd), breast (2nd)

Charles Bodoh, HURR - back (5th), breast (7th) 

Noah Fridlund, HURR - IM (6th), breast (10th)

Ulises Tena, HURR - breast (5th)

HURR Chase Fisher, Jody Duran, Noah Bravo, Jack LoBue - free relay (1st)

HURR Chase Fisher, Jack LoBue, Noah Bravo, Ulises Tena - medley relay (1st)

Ages 15-18 

Trevor Riley, HURR - free (1st), back (2nd), fly (1st)

Jacob Hixon, HURR - free (2nd), fly (3rd)

Garrett Lamb, HURR - back (1st)

Dylan Wiggins, HURR - back (3rd)

Ethan Merritt, HURR - back (4th), breast (1st)

Braden Foxley, HURR - fly (2nd), IM (1st)

Lucas Wilkinson, HURR - breast (2nd)

18 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle

Garrett Lamb, 17, HURR - 1st

Braden Foxley, 17, HURR - 2nd

Ethan Merritt, 15, HURR - 3rd

Jacob Hixon, 15, HURR - 4th

Carsten Clark, 12, HURR - 5th

Boys 10 & Under 100 Yard IM

Ethan Torres, 10, NEPT - 1st

Micah Bravo, 10, HURR - 2nd

Michael Wilkinson, 7, HURR - 3rd

James Gates, 6, HURR - 4th

Dawsen Clark, 6, HURR - 5th

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