The Porterville Renegades would like to congratulate their 2019 Sequoia League Youth Football winners, the Junior and Bantams teams. They also thank everyone who came out to support the Renegades this season.


The Juniors had an amazing season and went 11-2. 

During the championship game on Nov. 23, the Renegades defeated the Earlimart Tigers 38-0. The Junior Renegades had two playoff games with a total score of 78 points and only allowed six points total to their opponents. 

During the regular season, the Junior Porterville Renegades scored an astounding 315 points while only allowing 60 points to be scored by their opponents. 

On the Juniors team this season was: Ezequiel Negrete, Shaun Franklin, Brody McCoy, Anthony Severance, Derrick Ziegler, Tyson Chavez, Christian Martinez, Luis Almanza, Xavier “X Factor” Gonzalez, Hector “Nano” Avila, Savannah Mendoza, Cyrus Franco, Gilberto Avila Jr., Owen Collins, Joaquin Manriquez, Benji Razo, Fattah Tapia, Emmanuel Zepeda, Randy Rodriguez, Lawrence “Tre” Rivera, Dario Vega, Craig Nieto and Joseph “JoJo” Wilson.

The team was led by head coach TJ McCoy, coach Tone Wilson, Coach Frank Severence, coach Domingo Chavez and coach Shine Nieto. 

Junior cheerleaders were Katelynn Camp, Kyleigh Camp, Alexandria Coleman, Danika De La Cruz, Aurora Macomber and Lezae Rojas.


The Bantam team is comprised of children aged five and six-years-old. They worked very hard and had a fantastic season. 

During the championship game on Nov. 23 against Hanford United, the Bantam Renegades won 13-2. 

On the Bantams team this season was: Zane Ozuna, Gabriel Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Freddie Stevens, Xander Gonzalez, Michael Lewis, Ray Baldwin, Caleb Styles, Romeo Avila, Kade Brassfield, Eli Alcantar, Brody Isch, Austin Valerrama and Steven Galindo. 

The team was led by head coach Brandon Salazar, assistant coach Isaac Flores, coach Gabriel Martinez, coach Danny Brassfield and coach Zeke.

Bantam cheerleaders were Mercy Alcantar, Maribel Jimenez, Mia Marroquin, Analise Perez, Alexandria Rodriguez and Gabrielle Singh.

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