The Monache boys basketball team had its second game and second win of the 2022-2023 season when it beat the Granite Hills Grizzlies 67-44 on Wednesday at home. This was the first game of the season for Granite Hills and Monache's win came after its win on Monday against the Foothill Trojans.

Monache's Jared Ojeda sent the opening tip flying to Ty Baxter who passed by a few Grizzly defenders before handing the ball off to Brandan Garcia. Garcia had an excellent angle of approach and made a layup with ease starting the game off 2-0.

The Grizzlies made a push back but were caught traveling and the ball was overturned. First, Garcia for the Marauders threw the ball in, to Joseph Espinoza to take the ball down the court.

Espinoza carefully made his move but he was blocked by Grizzlies Cruz Campos and Jose Medina. Espinoza had to throw the ball to his teammate Isaiah Rogers. Rogers was swarmed by the Grizzly defense and also had to throw the ball away to Baxter at mid court. Baxter spared no moment and made a decisive run through the Grizzly formation, pulling attention away from Espinoza who was now at the three point line. With a fast pass Baxter sent the ball to Espinoza who was wide open and landed the three point shot to cheers from the stands and his teammates.

The Grizzly offense scored their first layup with some fast moves by Daniel Medrano, who passed the ball to Campos. Campos made his way past his Marauder defender but would be fouled by the Marauders with a hand check. Tossing the ball back in, the Grizzlies passed it over to Ronaldo Galvez. Galvez made a strong push through the Marauders and landed his layup, putting the Grizzlies on the board, down 10-2.

The Grizzlies had another basket in their pocket as soon after Campos had possession and passed it to Blas Diaz before having it handed right back to him for the layup. The first half went quickly as both teams ran like lightning up and down the court, as the Marauders took the lead 31-23 at halftime.

The second half started in the Marauders favor, with a fast push they'd miss their first attempt but made the next with Rogers grabbing the rebound and landing a layup to make it 33-25. The Grizzlies had a push of their own scoring with a fast combo of passes by Jesus Duran, Daniel Medrano, Andre Longoria, and Mario Alcantar. Duran and Longoria escorted the ball down the court before passing it off to Medrano.

Medrano had three Marauder defenders swarm him and yet he'd still make a solid play, spinning past a defender on his right and passing the ball to Alcantar for the shot. Alcantar lined it up with ease and sank the basket, keeping the game competitive at 38-27.

The Grizzlies offense couldn't keep it up though. Multiple Marauder baskets were made in the final minutes of the third quarter with Joseph Espinoza, Brandan Garcia, Emmett Focke, and Christian Galang earning the Marauders a well played lead of 50-31 as the final quarter started.

The Marauders and Grizzlies battled it out to the final seconds during the fourth quarter. Both teams had solid plays but the Marauders had the upper hand. The Marauders snagged a few steals they easily transitioned into points.

With relatively equal play in the fourth quarter, the Marauders hard work early in the game paid off as they kept the Grizzlies from coming back.

A final play by the Grizzlies brought the game to an end with only 18 seconds left on the clock as the Grizzlies Diaz made a push. Diaz passed by three Marauders, deep into their court. Diaz looked for the shot but didn't have it and he had to make the pass to Campos.

Campos moved the ball around, mixing the Marauders up. Campos felt the pressure and had to make a move. He made a fast pass to Luis Morales who passed to Medrano who had an solid shot at the basket.

Medrano lined it up and despite the two Marauder guards on him he landed the shot ending the game with a Grizzly basket but a Marauder win at 67-44.

The Granite Hills Grizzlies are next scheduled to take on the Kennedy Thunderbirds at home on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

The Monache Marauders are next scheduled to take on the Paso Robles Bearcats at Paso Robles today at 6:30 p.m.

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