The game got canceled, but it didn’t stop Lindsay High School football from taking the field Friday night. 

On Thursday, Lindsay learned that their season opener against Farmersville would be canceled, and not rescheduled, due to COVID-19 related safety protocols on the Aztecs’ side. Rather than cancel all their plans for their long-awaited return to the field, the Cardinals held a Red vs. White intrasquad scrimmage for fans at Frank Skadan Stadium.

“We’ve been riding the same rollercoaster all year long with start and stop, start and stop. So we’re sort of used to it by now, to tell you the truth,” LHS head coach Casey Higginbotham said. “It was a little sad because you’re ready for the game and everything but (we) know it’s just one game. We’re still going forward and everything. When I talked to the kids about it, they were bummed off the start, then when I told them what we’re going to do tonight, with the red-white scrimmage, they just snapped in. They were ready to go again.”

Turning the game into a scrimmage was an easy and quick decision for Lindsay since they were prepared for a situation like this to happen.

“We’ve been prepared,” Higginbotham said. “We have scenarios for everything that’s going to happen basically. With the (administration), staff, and with myself. If something happens, we move on next to the part.”

Along with the scrimmage, Lindsay held their Senior Night and recognized the seniors and their parents before the game. The Cardinals had always planned to hold the Senior Night on the first game of the season to ensure that the seniors got their special night. 

“We wanted to do it first because (like) what happened, we don’t know,” Higginbotham said. “We’re not guaranteed games. Nothings guaranteed right now. The past year’s been so up and down. So I wanted to make sure the seniors have a Senior Night as fast as possible. So that’s why we’re doing it tonight.”

The Cardinals will now play their season-opener at 6 p.m. on the road Friday, March 26 against Woodlake. Although it will be a delayed opener, the team is still happy to be together and playing again.

“Even though we miss a game, we’ve been out here practicing for two weeks,” Higginbotham said. “So we’re together, we’re a team. Friends are together. Coaches are together. And we’re going to give them every opportunity we can. If the game cancels again, we have this ready to go. If another game cancels, we’ll have something else ready to go. So the kids know we’re going to put out the best effort we can to get them something no matter what happens. “

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