At Frank Skadan Stadium the Lindsay Cardinals went one on one with Bishop Union. The first game of the year is always an exciting time for a team; with the Cardinals losing a hard game against the Broncos last year. Though the game went long, the Broncos won out over the Cardinals 36-3.

Starting the game off with a fast pace, the Cardinals had a hard defense against the Broncos Cain Omohundro. Cardinals Nick Masiel and Jeremiah Mata ended Omohundro's sprint down the field. 

The Bronco's tried again to push Omohundro through the Cardinals line but the Cardinals defense held strong with Tomas Maciel and Fernando Martinez taking Omohundro down with only a gain of three yards. 

The Broncos weren't done pushing though, and tried make some passes to gain yards on the field. With two failed passes blocked by the Cardinal defense the Broncos gained complete pass on their third down. The pass was accompanied by a personal foul on the cardinals. 

The Broncos now had a first and goal at the Lindsay 5-yard line. The Broncos again only gained two yards as Austin Schaibie brought down Omohundro for the Broncos second and goal. 

A final push from the Broncos broke the line as Omohundro scored the touchdown. The Broncos also made their extra point for a 7-0 lead.

Samuel Reyes, quarterback for the Cardinals, made a solid pass to Thomas Tellez but Tellez was taken out by Omohundro and Cheveyo Marquez after a gain of two yards. 

This time Reyes tried to break through the Broncos line on the Cardinals second down and eight yards to go. Reyes ran into a weak spot in the Broncos line, sliding to gain four yards. 

Now with the Cardinals at their third down and four, Reyes made a pass that was incomplete. With their options running out the Cardinals decided to punt the ball down to the Broncos.

The Broncos now at their fourth down and nine with another 49 yards to go, decided to punt to the Cardinals. 

The Cardinals now at the 38 yard line had Reyes slide through the Broncos defensive line once more for a gain of two yards. Now facing a fourth down and 12, the Cardinals decided to punt back to the Broncos making them run back down the field and giving the Cardinals some needed room. 

The Cardinals regained the ball with a first down at the Broncos 27 yard line. Jose Cortes was thrown the ball by Reyes and gain seven yards before being taken down by the Broncos. 

The Cardinals eventually had their first and ten at the Broncos 14 yard line. The Cardinals could smell a score and the Broncos defensive line tried their best not to budge. 

Reyes was brought down after a single yard gain trying to run the ball. With the second and third downs resulting in incomplete passes, the Cardinals had a hard job ahead. 

With a smart field goal, Jose Cortes hit a 22 yard kick for the Cardinals first points of the game. The half ended with the Broncos ahead 14-3. 

The game slowed down some during the third quarter with a number of penalties. The Broncos scored another touchdown and raised the score to 20-3. 

The third quarter ended with an impressive sack by Ivan Navarro against the Broncos quarterback. 

The Cardinals fought brave and hard but ultimately lost the game to the Bishop Union Broncos 36-3.

The Cardinals will be having their next game away on Saturday, August 26 at 7 p.m. against the California City Ravens.


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