Champion Neptunites

The Porterville Neptunites are all smiles after winning the Central Valley Recreational Swim League All Star Finals, Saturday, July 20, 2019, at Sierra High School in Tollhouse, Calif.

First overall win in program history

The Porterville Neptunites finished the summer off by winning the program's first Central Valley Recreational Swim League All Star Finals title last Saturday, July 20, at Sierra High School in Tollhouse, Calif.

“I'm so proud of all of my swimmers and coaches,” Neptunites coach, Evan Thomas, said. “In all of Neptunites 50-plus years, as far as we know, we have never taken first place overall at the CVRSL All Star Finals. I've been a part of Neptunites since I was 5 years old, 22 years so far and I can say this is my favorite memory I've made in all 22 years.”

Twenty teams participated in the Valley finals but the Neptunites came out on top with an overall team score of 1,415.33; beating out the second-place Kingsburg Seawolves (1,253) and Porterville Hurricanes (1,243.5). The Lindsay Skimmers placed 15th with 380.

In the boys division, the Neptunites (807.83) also placed first while the Hurricanes (569) were third after Hanford Piranhas (595). For the girls, the Hurricanes (674.5) finished second behind Kingsburg (767) while the Neptunites (607.5) were fifth.

“We had tons of standout athletes who dominated the competition,” Thomas said. He added, “Neptunites had an amazing day with tons of time drops, it was really fun and amazing to see and be a part of.”

The coach noted that Deavon Ortiz won all his events — 25-yard freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke —in the 8u boys age group. Also winning individual boys events were Nathan Boudreaux (9/10 butterfly and breaststroke), Ethan Torres (9/10 butterfly and 10u individual medley) and Cohen Cotten (13/14 freestyle). Regan Hildreth won the 9/10 girls breaststroke.

In the 9-10 girls freestyle and medley relays Meghan Adams, Reagan Hildreth, Pearl Johnson and Hannah Jones beat the competition by almost half a lap in both events. The four also went undefeated all season.

Both the 11-12 boys relays also took first and finished the season undefeated.

“Saturday was fun for all of the families that made the trip to Tollhouse for the CVRSL All Star Finals — about one hour and 45 minutes from Porterville,” Thomas said. “We were one of the furthest teams traveling that day so it was definitely a commitment from the parents and families of our swimmers.

“Thank you all parents, swimmers and coaches for the dedication and commitment this season,” Thomas said. “Go Neptunites!”

Listed below are the top five local finishers from all events. For full results, visit


1. Porterville Neptunites 1415.33

3. Porterville Hurricanes 1243.5

15. Lindsay Skimmers 380


2. Porterville Hurricanes 674.5

5. Porterville Neptunites 607.5

19. Lindsay Skimmers 74

Age 6-and-under 

Kaydence Lopez, HURR - free (2nd), back (1st)

HURR Camila Oropeza, Layne Merritt, Willa Lasse, Kaydence Lopez – free relay (2nd)

Age 8-and-under

Kamlynn Newlin, HURR – free (2nd), back (1st), fly (3rd)

Daisy Bay, HURR – free (5th), breast (2nd)

Sarah Gates, HURR – breast (3rd)

HURR Daisy Bay, Brynn Merritt, Alexa Ramirez, Kamlynn Newlin – free relay (1st), medley relay (1st)

Ages 9-10 

Meghan Adams, NEPT – free (T-3rd), breast (3rd)

Regan Hildreth, NEPT – back (4th), fly (2nd), breast (1st)

Samantha Dolan, HURR – fly (3rd)

NEPT Regan Hildreth, Hannah Jones, Pearl Johnson, Meghan Adams – free relay (1st), medley relay (1st)

HURR Samantha Dolan, Hayden Cardoza, Rylee Medina, Lia Tena – free relay (4th)

HURR Sophia Gates, Rylee Medina, Samantha Dolan, Lia Tena – medley relay (3rd)

Ages 11-12

Adelyne Merritt, HURR – free (4th), breast (1st)

NEPT Skylar Malone, Logan Hildreth, Daryan Seaman, Daniella Moreno – medley relay (4th)

NEPT Victoria Moreno, Daryan Seaman, Saydi Barajas, Daniella Moreno – free relay (3rd)

Ages 13-14 

Azulema Ayon, LIND – free (5th)

HURR Isabel Burrough, Sofia Plummer, Maycee Hyder, Ahna Davis – free relay (2nd), medley (2nd)

Ages 15-18 

Kalina Weaver, NEPT – free (4th), IM (4th)

Ava LoBue, HURR – back (3rd)

NEPT Claire Lee, Infinity Dignam, Emily Chapman, Kalina Weaver – free relay (3rd), medley relay (3rd)

Girls 18 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle

Ava LoBue, 16, HURR - 1st

Claire Lee, 15, NEPT - 2nd

Azulema Ayon, 14, LIND - 4th

Girls 10 & Under 100 Yard IM

Meghan Adams, 10, NEPT - 2nd

Samantha Dolan, 10, HURR - 3rd


1. Porterville Neptunites 807.83

3. Porterville Hurricanes 569

10. Lindsay Skimmers 306

Age 6-and-under 

Gabriel Martinez, HURR – free (3rd)

Dominic Ortiz, NEPT – free (4th), back (3rd)

Age 8-and-under

Deavon Ortiz, NEPT – free (1st), back (1st), breast (1st)

Micah Bailey, NEPT – back (2nd)

NEPT Micah Bailey, John Bower, Ezra Sierra, Deavon Ortiz – free relay (2nd), medley relay (3rd)

Ages 9-10 

Reid Davis HURR – free (3rd), back (4th), IM (5th)

Kolton Hyder HURR – free (5th), back (2nd)

Nathan Boudreaux, NEPT – back (2nd), fly (1st), breast (1st)

Ethan Torres, NEPT – fly (3rd), breast (2nd), IM (1st)

Blake Rogers, HURR – breast (3rd)

Bennett Unruh, LINDS – breast (5th)

HURR Reid Davis, Luke Merritt, Blake Rogers, Kolton Hyder – free relay (1st), medley relay (1st)

NEPT Joel Solis, Kennedy Garcia, Ethan Torres, Nathan Boudreaux – free relay (2nd), medley relay (2nd)

Ages 11-12 

Caiden Wallace, HURR – free (2nd), IM (1st), breast (1st)

Danny Rodriguez, NEPT – free (3rd), IM (5th), breast (2nd)

Canyon Johnson, NEPT – free (4th), back (2nd), fly (2nd)

NEPT Canyon Johnson, Parker Cotten, Fynn Stadtherr, Danny Rodriguez – free relay (1st), medley relay (1st)

Ages 13-14 

Cohen Cotten, NEPT – free (1st), IM (4th)

Efren Orozco, LIND – back (3rd)

Jack Bailey, NEPT – back (5th), breast (5th)

Ayane Asuncion, HURR – breast (2nd)

Jack LoBue, HURR – breast (3rd)

NEPT Cyrus Hill, Zachary Chapman, Jack Bailey, Cohen Cotten – free relay (2nd), medley relay (4th)

HURR Chase Fisher, Ayane Asuncion, Jody Duran, Jack LoBue – free relay (4th), medley relay (2nd)

LIND Owen Walker, Brady Unruh, Efren Orozco, Alexander Salinas – medley relay (5th)

Ages 15-18 

Trevor Riley, HURR – free (1st), fly (1st)

Ashton King, LIND – back (1st), IM (4th), fly (2nd)

LIND Connor Dunbar, Connor Craven, Ashton King, Gustavo Arredondo – free relay (4th)

LIND Connor Dunbar, TJ Moran, Ashton King, Gustavo Arredondo – medley relay (3rd)

18 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle

Trevor Riley, 16, HURR - 1st

Ian Azevedo, 16, HURR - 5th

Boys 10 & Under 100 Yard IM

Ethan Torres, 10, NEPT - 1st

Reid Davis, 10, HURR - 5th

For full results and times, please visit

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