On Thursday, the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) posted a press release on its website stating the board of directors voted “to immediately postpone practices outside of regularly scheduled classes, and competition for all spring sports, as well as any and all nontraditional sports seasons, indefinitely.”

In a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post on its website Friday, CCCAA said the sports impacted are: baseball, women's badminton, women's beach volleyball, men's golf, softball, men's and women's swimming and diving, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track and field, and men's volleyball regular seasons.

The CCCAA also said the status of spring CCCAA Championships “will be determined at a later date but no timetable for a decision has been set.”

Another thing the CCCAA clarified from its statement on Thursday was the part about “practices (outside of regularly scheduled classes) also being postponed.”

In its FAQ, the CCCAA said, “The CCCAA does not have jurisdiction over college or district decisions related to instruction. The decision whether or not a team can continue to meet on or off campus during scheduled class time is up to the member college or district. The recent board decision to postpone spring competition does not prohibit students from meeting during scheduled class time, but ultimately the question should be answered by the local college or district administration.”

One of the biggest questions being asked around the NCAA and CCCAA is about eligibility. The CCCAA addressed that, saying, “We will be working with the NCAA, NAIA and other governing bodies to determine the next steps while also taking internal steps to answer the many questions student-athletes, parents, coaches and others have and will have. We will disseminate information and answers through the conferences and institutions as they become available.”

For more information on the CCCAA visit www.cccaasports.org.

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