Monache’s improvement continues with win over Porterville 

As a season progresses, continued improvement is important and something coaches look for amongst their players.

With Porterville and Monache High School girls golf coaches, improvement is what they’re continuing to find whether it’s in the teams’ final score or the swings and shots golfers are taking. 

On Tuesday, the two rival teams met at River Island Country Club for an East Yosemite League nine-hole match that the Marauders (2-2 EYL) won 290-318. Monache missed tying their lowest score of the season by one shot but for MHS head coach Jake Winter it was the shot selections that he noticed the most.

“[Two-hundred and ninety] is another good day for us,” Winter said. “Still think we can get down to 280. Girls are improving with both their shot making and decision making.”

Monache’s No. 1, Danielle Margosian, led the team by carding a 46. She was followed by No. 2 Judith Cordero and No. 3 Kere Martinez shooting 61s, No. 5 Isabel Sutherland scoring a 65 and No. 4 Alondra Garcia carding a 71. Also for the Marauders, No. 6 Sarah Dorado shot a 78. 

“It’s nice to see Danielle playing relaxed and consistent,” Winter said. “She’s hoping to break 90 at one of the three 18-hole tournaments.”

On Sutherland, Winter added, “Isabel Sutherland is just now realizing how to golf her ball. She’s actually hitting to a spot in the fairway so that she can set up her shot rather than just swinging hard every time.”

For Porterville (1-4 EYL), No. 1 Angela Eugene led the way with a 56 followed by No. 3 Dora Jimenez with a 58, No. 4 Uniese Carrillo with a 64, No. 2 Aunika Marquez with a 67 and No. 6 Catherine Entenman with a 73. No. 5 Kayla Johnson also shot an 81 for the Panthers.

“We had a good match against Monache today,” PHS head coach David Herrera said. “This was not our lowest score but we are driving the ball better and reaching near the green within a few shots. Our team focus now is our short game. When we clean up those type of shots I know our score will dramatically drop.”

Both coaches are focused on dropping scores with Winter believing his golfers can get a score under 280 soon.

“I really think it’s a matter of them understanding that a little bit of focus and thoughtful preparation is going to get them to where they need to be,” Winter said. He added, “It’s not like we’re hitting the ball bad, it’s just these five or six opportunities that we miss. It’s really not just one thing. The slow improvement is coming but as far as dropping 10 or 12 shots, it just comes with experience. I think, we have one more nine-hole, and I don’t know if it’s going to come in the front-nine or back-nine of one of the 18-hole tournaments but I do expect them to get down below 280 for their scores.”

To prepare for league championships and playoffs, the EYL will play two 18-hole mini tournaments beginning Tuesday, Oct. 2, at Tulare Golf Course. Winter said that with the Marauders’ hosting the Best Ball Tournament on Monday, they’ve had some experience playing 18 holes but stamina will be the biggest challenge for the team. 

“The biggest concern would be stamina, both mental and physical,” Winter said. “But we played the Monday round and it was pretty warm. And River Island is a tough course to walk. So I think that got the first 18-hole experience under their belt, so I think when we go over to Tulare there’s no hills and it’s going to be cooler weather. That they’ve already done it once, I think that kind of gives us a little bit of an edge. I think when we come back and play the second one at River, they’ve done that before this year so they kind of know what to expect. And by the time we play the last one, I’m kind of excited to see how well some of the girls play.”

Monache has one nine-hole match left against  Mission Oak which the Marauders will play on Thursday at River Island Country Club.

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