A lot of people said it with one word, "enough." But, many still vote for those in the Senate who do not want to be against the gun lobby and legislate a gun control law. 

Most of the senators went to law school and yet, they cannot understand what legislators should do. They received money for their political campaign, and each of those GOP senators receive orders by the ex-president who is against our democratic government. 

As an Army veteran, I have a lot of anger, due to the lack of understanding of why it is important to have gun control. In 1965, the 82nd Airborne Division was sent to the Dominican Republic to stop a possible takeover by the communists. Our assault weapon was an M16, aka AR15. I know what that weapon is designed to do. This is a weapon of war, and hunters do not need an AR15 to enjoy their hobby. 

Also, none of us in the 82nd had body armor, as that protection came almost in the middle of the Vietnam War. So, my question is why do they sell AR15's and body armor on the open market to any idiot who wants to feel powerful? 

The gun lobby has lied to the people who have a gun that the government wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment, in order to take away "our weapons.” I am not afraid that this will happen, because our government cannot erase any amendment without the consent of its people and a long, involved constitutional process. 

I hope all of you get to read about the dark money coming from Russia via the NRA. Try to understand that the NRA officials are only interested in having a lot of members who paid for their salaries, their expensive trips and parties, and all the other luxuries they so enjoy.

Juan J. Sanchez


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