Of grave concern to Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike is the obvious efforts of President Trump and his cohorts to sabotage the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 election, which now includes the Trump family’s financial dealings. Why is Trump so adamant about not wanting his financial history exposed? If there was nothing to hide, he should welcome the same transparency that has been provided by the previous presidents of our “dump” of a White House. Mueller is correct in wanting to follow the money.

Can you spell nepotism? Donald Jr., Jared and Ivanka have no appropriate governmental experience and no business in the White House deciding policies for Americans. We now have a royal family running our government. Maybe we should just call them the Trumpanovs.

Trump has two primary personality characteristics: self-aggrandizement and self-preservation. We are observing both at the same time. Hence his pep rallies for his base so he can receive the adulation from his fans he desires, and his attempts to destroy the Mueller investigation.

Continual exposure of the lies and alternative facts of Trump and his staff has practically destroyed our government’s credibility throughout the world and is truly an embarrassment.

President Trump has committed over 100 verifiable lies and half truths since taking office in January. The fabricated lies and deceptions regarding various family and staff members’ meetings with various Russian officials and bankers only become known through the diligent and persistent efforts of our “enemies of the people” free press. The almost daily attempts to end the Mueller investigation and the ensuing cover up efforts are indications of something resembling obstruction of justice. Exciting time we live in.

Todd Pixler


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