Many thanks from PHS Alumni Association, A unique take on vaccinations.

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Where’s the quality of life for our homeless? And Regarding the inequality complaint...

Longtime resident reflects on life in Porterville and a good deed recognized

Darrelyn Barton, and Cynthia J. Rohner of Porterville

Gill to have second book signing today at PR office, Holiday Inn Express a community jewel, and Enough with Trump.

Book signing at PR office a success, New Porterville Rescue Mission needs more time and Why stop at the southern border?

EGF thanks the community and Carley portrays Conservatives in the wrong light.

Thanks for your help on the Rally Wagon and, Setting the record straight on CALPERS

Much thanks for Youth Summit, and Camp Fire hits home.

Less than impressed with State Assembly choices, and Wheaton the man to get work done.

A different view on domestic abuse, and Fellow superintendent expresses support for Hire.

Creating a paper trail that matters and A low point for a lifelong Republican

A perplexed political persuasion, and Some research on County Superintendent candidates.

A different world for women decades ago, and At-large voting still alive and well?

Negative perception is inaccurate, needs to stop, and Stick with the evidence on Kavanaugh.

Accountability needed in drug and alcohol programs, and Sadness, anger over correctional officer’s death.

Many thanks for honest and helpful people, An accident waiting to happen, and Taking Carley to task.

Less than impressed with methadone clinic, Should we be watering our grass in Porterville, and A perpetually green pool and questionable Code Enforcement.

Fact checking Michael Carley’s “Mikeland” story

Great experiences at Porterville Les Schwab, and it’s time to step up and fix our drinking water crisis.

No more chlorpyrifos! by Raul Garcia, and A shameful shopping cart ordinance by Pegi Handley, both from Porterville.

Fact checking Michael Carley’s “Mikeland” story by William Lloyd of Porterville

Remembering an angel,  a District elections a game changer, and 

Another missed opportunity.

Thanks for the help with AASC by Richard Schlagel, CEO of AASC and TLHD appreciates support in tough times by Kevin Northcraft, President, and Mike Jamaica, Vice President of Tulare Local Healthcare District.

Thanks for the help with AASC - Richard Schlagel, CEO of AASC, Porterville

 TLHD appreciates support in tough times - Kevin Northcraft, President, Mike Jamaica, Vice President, Tulare Local Healthcare District

Thank you to customers — Carrie Brinkley, Jennifer Shannon and Ashley Smith, Porterville

Where will it end? — Nancy Lewis, Porterville

You just had to be there - Monte Moore, Porterville

Thank you Crichlow Richard Morris, Porterville

Dia de los Muertos - Fernando Contreras, Porterville

Why should I register and vote? - John Coffee, Chair Porterville Democratic Club

If ‘no’ isn’t enough - Priscilla Styer, Porterville

Set record straight - Warren Gubler, Mayor of Visalia

Thank you Hamilton - Linda Forman, Porterville

Follow the money - Todd Pixler, Porterville

Concerned voter - Brenda Cervantes, Lindsay


Start checking magazine racks - Harold Warner, Porterville

Thank you to social workers - Paul Moore, Executive Director, CASA of Tulare County

Dumbacrats, Ken Lowe, Porterville

The filth, Kelly Ramsey, Porterville

Thank God for Trump, Rosales Gonzales, Springville

Thank you SVMC, Victor Young, Porterville

 First United Methodist gives back, Wayne White, Porterville

 Agree with Kelly, Lem Hair, Porterville

Thank you SVMC, Reynold Rutledge Porterville

Bears Ears is sacred land, Elaine Flores Springville

Consider supporting CASA, Paul Moore Executive Director CASA of Tulare County

 Thank you to SVMC, Adelfa M.Trujillo Porterville


I’m an advocate for the poor and working class families. The work is a labor of love but also one that needs to be done. Those of us out in the trenches can share untold stories of the harassment, physical abuse, and many other forms of oppression from farmers and those who support their interests.


What is going on with our president. What is he afraid of? Why won’t he reveal his taxes like all the American people do.

Director Mel Gosage and his well-seasoned cast serve up rapid-fire repartee and sticky situations that send the dough flying in playwright Jim Brochu’s culinary comedy.


On behalf of the Zonta Club of Porterville I want to thank our community for your tremendous support of our recent “Evening of Art and Wine” fundraiser event.


I attended opening night of “Cooking With Gus” at the Barn Theatre on Friday evening. This comedy is not to be missed.

Not disorderly


In your editorial of March 8, 2017, you said that the town hall meetings for Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and Devon Nunes were disorderly and seemingly “orchestrated” by presumably outside, radical opposition, and that the congressmen should take a pass on these functions in their districts until the meetings are “…more civil and more balanced”. I take issue with both your characterization of the meetings that have taken place and your advice that our representatives not meet with those who elected them.

Sanctuary Homes


Now that Donald Trump is president, we have an underground network, which has sanctuary homes to hide undocumented immigrants according to CNN.

What happened to Springville?


My wife and I used to love driving on 190 looking at the well-manicured roads, but now it seems it is trashy. 

Not my president


I did not vote for him, but he said he wanted to be president for all Americans. Turns out that is only for those agreeing with him. Disagree and you are 1) out of a job; 2) demeaned on Twitter, or radio or (gasp) in the news! I disagree.

Executive order


The importance of Trump’s Executive Order might not be fully understood for generations.