Not disorderly


In your editorial of March 8, 2017, you said that the town hall meetings for Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and Devon Nunes were disorderly and seemingly “orchestrated” by presumably outside, radical opposition, and that the congressmen should take a pass on these functions in their districts until the meetings are “…more civil and more balanced”. I take issue with both your characterization of the meetings that have taken place and your advice that our representatives not meet with those who elected them.

I attended the meetings facilitated by Congressman McCarthy’s staff on Feb. 3 and 28, and March 3. About 30 people attended each. There was no disorderly conduct such as we have seen in television reports of town hall meetings in other parts of the country. None at all. Those who attended spoke to their issues and concerns. The congressman’s staff, Kole and Keenan, could in some cases answer a policy question or correct an error in fact. In each of these meetings the conversation was two-way and civil in tone. Were some people passionate in their concerns? Of course! But no one was disorderly or rude or engaging in threatening harangues or drowning “…out the voice of those who voted for Donald Trump and support his policies.”

You say “It seems free speech no longer exists for a large group radical Democrats.” If such a group exists, it is not here. As to whether the attendees were from someplace else, I personally know more than half of those who attended and most of those who spoke. They are from Porterville or Springville. These people are our friends and neighbors who had concerns to share with their elected representative’s staff on the regular, established meeting dates which are noticed in your paper. Several in attendance specifically did ask that Congressman McCarthy himself hold at least one of his own town meetings in our part of the district. What could be more normal in our democratic society than that? I ask that you reconsider your characterization of our open, public meetings and your position on this matter.

Julie Allen



Editor’s note: The editorial did not state that Mr. McCarthy’s or Mr. Nunes’ town halls were disorderly. It clearly stated that neither congressmen has held a town hall and it further stated many other town halls across the nation had been disorderly.


She persisted


In reply to Michael Carley’s column, “Nevertheless, She Persisted.”

What’s going on in Washington D.C, Jeff Sessions to be our Attorney General, is all fun and games, but take a look at State Senate and Sen. Janet Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, who was silenced by the Democratic majority when the Senate sergeant-at-arms escorted her from the chamber as Nguyen tried to criticize the late Democratic lawmaker Tom Hayden for his stance against the Vietnam War. 

Hayden openly supported communist North Vietnam. It’s the same regime Nguyen’s family was fleeing when she arrived in Vietnam, The back story is that Nguyen immigrated to the United States from Vietnam by boat in 1981 when she was 5 years old, fleeing a brutal communist regime that killed members of her family. In the 1960s and 1970s. 

Hayden and his then-wife, Jane Fonda, took their anti-war activism to the extreme and openly supported a communist military victory for the North Vietnamese, over our allies in South Vietnam. That was an inflammatory position that led many, to state at the time, he and Fonda were traitors to the United States. 

So Sen. Nguyen, R-Garden Grove, was in her right to speak her mind, on this and never should have been eighty-sixed. It was wrong. Who knew the California Senate could kick immigrants out at a much faster pace than the Trump administration?

Sen. De Leon has promised to investigate the situation. For the record, this isn’t the first time that California Democrats have tried to tell Nguyen, and her fellow refugees fleeing the horrors of communism, to take a hike. In 1975, when Republican President Gerald Ford asked California to accept half a million Vietnamese refugees, then-Gov. Jerry Brown told him no. But that was back when refugees were fierce anti-communists who voted Republican. 

As we have learned, the Democrats still don’t want them. I guess California is only a sanctuary for those willing to shut up and toe the Democratic Party line. Yes, Mr. Michael Carley Nevertheless, She Persisted. and we’ll see now it play out in 2018.

Charles Wierzbicki


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