Thanks for your help on the Rally Wagon


As President of the Porterville High School Alumni Association, I and all of our members wish to thank Wallace Towing, The Rollin’ Relics Car Club, Melvin’s Tire and Auto Service, The Glass Doctor and Axwraps for their generous assistance in getting the PHS Rally Wagon out of its six-year storage and back on the road. 

Because of their dedication to the project, the Alumni Association was able to drive the Rally Wagon to three football games, including the Homecoming Game and the PHS/Monache rivalry game, the 1968 and 1978 class reunions, and the first annual Basketball Meet and Greet, where its presence was much appreciated and enjoyed.

The renovation project is still ongoing, and the Rally Wagon will be available for future class reunions and other PHS-oriented events. The PHS Alumni Association sincerely appreciates all of the efforts by the individuals involved and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

The Alumni Association also welcomes any former graduates of PHS to join us in supporting scholarships for our seniors, Wall of Fame induction ceremony, class reunion assistance and all activities in support of our alma mater.

For membership information you can call me, Todd Pixler, at (559) 920-3611, or Mary Sell at (559) 560-6551. We will be glad to send you a membership application. Membership fees are $25 for an individual or $100 for a lifetime membership, and couples lifetime membership is only $150. Please join. We invest everything we raise in support of activities at PHS.


Todd Pixler



Setting the record straight on CALPERS


I simply had to respond to the commentary written by Jon Coupal concerning CALPERS published in the Recorder on December 11.  

Now while I will admit that CALPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) has some problems, I am seriously tired of the retirees taking the blame for doing what everyone else in the country does — voting for their own self-interest!   As a retired Los Angeles Police officer and member of the LAFPRA (Los Angeles Fire and Police Retirement Association), I can shed some light on what happened to CALPERS.  

Way back in the 1960’s, the LAFPRA had the foresight to sue the City of Los Angeles, forcing them to pay into our pension fund in money, not IOU’s. Then we hired an investment firm to invest our funds. Our pension fund is now over 90% funded, with or without the City of L.A.  We are one of the best-performing pension systems in the U.S.

Unfortunately for CALPERS and most of the state’s pension systems, their members accepted political promises that the money would be there, while the politicians took the money owed the pension funds and bought votes, making CALPERS a giant Ponzi scheme. Now, of course those self same politicians are shifting blame to greedy pensioners, and the public is buying this, aided and abated by  people like Mr. Coupal.

The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of  political vote-buying, but since these same politicians are currently buying votes with entitlement payments, the politicians are still in office, and get to blame people like me for their failures. 

I risked my life for 30 years serving the public, and I think I’m owed a decent retirement.  


Jim Jones

Arcadia, CA.

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