Thank you to social workers


I’m writing to express our gratitude for social workers during March, National Social Work month. 

As the director of CASA of Tulare County, I oversee our Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers who are independent, sworn officers of the court, appointed to investigate a foster child’s circumstances and advocate for the child’s best interests. 

Our CASAs see how skillfully social workers do the often thankless work supporting children and families in the child welfare system. 

Together we form a team, ensuring that a judge has the most up-to-date information to make life-altering decisions for the family and that the child receives each of the services and support he or she needs. 

We see first-hand how Tulare County Child Welfare Services (CWS) social workers juggle multiple cases, work in high stress circumstances with families and individuals coping with serious health and legal issues, and stand on the front lines keeping children safe and ensuring children and families have the resources they need to heal.

Social Workers deserve our recognition and support, not just during this month but every day.

Paul Moore

Executive Director, CASA of Tulare County


Start checking magazine racks


This morning I went to my local supermarket, and there, front and center was a copy of AK-47 magazine! Right after the mass murder of 27 children  in Florida with an assault weapon, the instrument of choice for mass murderers! What is it doing at a market that sells food and flowers?!?

I have been ignored by a couple of local markets in the past about their carrying magazines dealing with weapons of death, and I no longer shop at either.  

One said, “I stock these magazines by customers’ request.”  

Well, I assume there are a lot of customers out there who like pornography, but  I don’t see any porno magazines. Personally, I  think fewer people die from porno that from guns. Neither belong in a food store!

Imagine the parent of one of the kids in that Florida school massacre walking into this market and finding magazines glorifying instruments of death. What would his/her reaction be? Have the people who own the markets that carry magazines of death ever had one of their children killed by a gun?  I have. 

There are plenty of markets in town that do not carry gun magazines. I applaud them.

I let those that do know why I do not shop there.

Hopefully, a few people who have had their children shot will join me. 

Start checking those magazine racks.

Harold Warner



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