A different view on domestic abuse


I would like to share a few thoughts on Domestic Abuse Awareness, and I would like to address it a little differently. Personally I am not into marches or festive occasions honoring victims of abuse. 

Having come from a home in the 50’s where physical, emotional and verbal abuse was a daily occurrence, I really fail to see where that would have helped us kids.

Allow me to share a little story with your readers which might help them to better understand.

As the story goes, every night little Johnny (not his real name) would wake up his Mommy with the same words: “ Mommy, I keep falling off the bed!” 

Finally, very gently, his Mommy told him, “Johnny, you are sleeping too close to the edge of the bed. Move over to the right side!” Problem solved!

Now, I am contending that a lot of time the abused was like my Mother. No doubt in my mind my Mother loved her children, but time and time again she gave in to my father’s threats, abuses, and in so doing, not only allowed abuse to herself, but to her children she loved dearly! 

Now, back to my story. As an abused parent, if you’re continually falling off the bed — if you allow abuse to yourself and your children — perhaps YOU need to move over to the right side of the bed. You are evidently sleeping too close to the edge! 


Elaine Harris




Fellow superintendent expresses support for Hire



I am writing to encourage voters to vote for Tim Hire for Tulare County Superintendent. This is a crucial position for Tulare County children. The County Office of Education (TCOE) is there to support all of our Districts and children in the county. 

TCOE has done such a fabulous job under the leadership of Jim Vidak, that they are recognized and sought after for advice from school districts and counties through California and the nation. So when I look at the candidates running to replace Mr. Vidak, I look for someone that has similar characteristics and beliefs. For me, that is Tim Hire. He is a servant leader, and as Skip Prichard said, servant leaders lead with others in mind.

What makes Jim and Tim a servant leader? 

Tim, like Jim Vidak:

1.) Values diverse opinions

2.) Cultivates a culture of trust.

3.) Develops other leaders.

4.) Helps people with life issues (not just work issues).

5:) Encourages

6:) Sells instead of tells

7:) Thinks you, not me

8:) Thinks long-term

9:) Acts with humility

Take time to talk with Tim Hire, look at his Facebook page and, or talk to those who are supporting him to find out why he is the best person for the job. Tim has my vote of confidence!


Terri Rufert


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