Set record straight


I was pleased to participate in the candidates forum sponsored by the Comission Honorifica Mexicana-Americana and others in Porterville on April 26. I am one of four candidates running for the state Assembly District 26 seat. The forum was professionally run and informative. At the end of the forum, a candidate from Kern County questioned my statement that we live in the safest metropolitan area in the Valley, claiming that he was unable to substantiate my comment by googling it on his phone. Your reporter picked up on that remark in his May 1 newspaper article summarizing the event.  However, the reporter failed to note that due to the forum format, I was not given an opportunity to respond. I do so now.

An article published Sept. 29, 2016 at, noted that the FBI had released its annual compilation of crimes reported by law enforcement agencies around the nation. The FBI report listed metropolitan statistical areas’ crime rates per 100,000 population. The Visalia-Porterville MSA rate was 395.8, the lowest in Central California. The rate for Fresno was 537.3, for Bakersfield 556.3, and for Stockton-Lodi a whopping 797.1.

Visalia has a plan to hire 30 new police officers over the next 10 years, which averages three per year. This is to keep up with the anticipated ongoing growth of Visalia, our assembly district’s largest city. This number of officers can be adjusted annually by our city council as the need arises.  

In fact, the state just informed us that Visalia grew by almost 3,000 people from January 2017 to January 2018, with a population of 136,246. 

Thank you for allowing me set the record straight.

Warren Gubler

Mayor of Visalia


Thank you Hamilton


Just wanted to thank Cam Hamilton for being the only City Council member who thought it was important enough to include the new animal shelter in his list for preliminary budget study.

The building for the new shelter was acquired in August of 2017 and it was reported that it would take another two years to convert it into an animal shelter. Brian Ward also stated at that time that “the shelter is the most pressing thing and the one we can get done the quickest.”

Apparently he doesn’t feel the same this year because he has the library remodel on his list. We have a library and there is no reason for the building conversion to take two years. Unless of course it is continually left out of the budget.

How many more years is it going to take? Relocating the shelter will only have positive outcomes. The convenience alone will allow more animals a chance to be adopted, encourage more volunteerism and more drop-off donations of goods.

There are many creative fundraising ideas as well that would also benefit the shelter such as a biannual rummage sales, t-shirts and bumper sticker sales, bake sales, the placement of donation jars in local businesses, etc., etc. 

We’ve waited long enough. Build it and they will come.

Linda Forman



Follow the money


For like Vice President Mike Pence, who believe it’s time to wrap up the Mueller investigation because it’s been a year, let me list the length of previous investigations to remind those with short memories, or none at all, of the following:

1. Nixon and Watergate was 1.5 years.

2. Reagan and Iran/Contra was 6.5 years.

3. Clinton and Starr was 4 years.

4 Bush and Flame was 3.5 years.

The Mueller investigation is being handled by a highly principled, dedicated man who was widely respected by members of both parties until he started indicting, convicting and investigating more of President Donald Trump’s associates.

Then, Trump lackeys like our own Devin Nunes began their efforts to discredit and sabotage the investigation. Why? Because it was getting too uncomfortable?

Let the investigation proceed if there is nothing to hide. Oh, and by the way, where is Trump’s tax information?

Todd Pixler



Concerned voter


As a concerned voter, I was shocked when I picked up the May 12-13 issue of The Recorder and read about the theft and vandalism of Jack Lavers’ campaign signs. 

Any citizen who wishes to run for office should be encouraged to do so. We may be totally opposed to a candidate’s platform and politics, or even against cluttering the landscape with campaign signs, but as long as we live in a democracy and as long as there is no ordinance against such signs, Lavers should have his signs as equally respected as all others. 

I met Lavers at a candidates’ forum and although I tend to vote far to the left, I could see his conviction and respect his right to state what he believes 

I encourage others to speak their mind with their vote in the ballot box and not by defacing someone else’s property.


Brenda Cervantes


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