Less than impressed with methadone clinic



It has been brought to my attention that Porterville, The All-American City, is the proud neighbor to our very own methadone clinic! I know, I was shocked to say the least! I understand it has been open for awhile now. 

It would appear that this is a place where an opiate addict can go and quite easily get a dose of methadone. From my inquiry I discovered that walk-ins are welcome, counselors are available, Oh, a doctor is on staff, but what he does wasn’t made clear to me. 

After a brief consultation, the person may leave with his dose of methadone. After the initial meeting/interview, it appears that all one has to do is enter, go to a window, probably present insurance or a medical card, and leave there with their drug. 

Now I understand that Assembly Bill AB186 has no doubt passed! This would allow facilities like the methadone clinic we have here to be a safe injection site for opiate users. 

For those not familiar, those are sites where heroin users can walk in off the street with an illegal drug in their pocket and be given new clean needles and other items for their injection. Now that sounds rather counter-productive to me. 

Why would they want to get off of their drugs? Actually they get the best of both worlds, wouldn’t you say?


Elaine Harris



Should we be watering our grass in Porterville?



As the drought continues and the underground water table is not being adequately replenished, it would seem to me that homeowners, businesses, churches, and the city itself had better start realizing that watering grass is not good citizenship anymore. 

Yes, nice lush expanses of grass are very nice, if you have lots of extra water around. We don’t. Ask East Porterville residents about that. 

We put in a gravel lawn a few years back, sold the lawnmower, and went to drip irrigation for trees and bushes. That may not solve the problem of a city that is drying up, but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that we are now part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

I have heard the argument that grass enhances the value of the property. What will your property be worth when the wells run dry? 

When I was a kid, we had no grass around our house. The school playground was bare dirt. The City Hall was on a bare dirt lot. Gee, how did we survive?

A few years ago, we visted Santa Fe, NM. At that time, the average water bill was $350 a month due to the scarcity of water. We did not see many green lawns.

There are lots of ways we can cut our consumption of this scarce resource, but the luxury of nice green lawns is certainly something we need to address for a start.


Bill Warner



A perpetually green pool and questionable Code Enforcement



I’ve been having a problem for well over five years. A neighbor of mine totally neglects his back yard, and his pool is a swamp of disgusting green.

Three years ago I called the city. Nothing. A year later I went in person and showed photos. They promised they’d look into it. Nothing.

Then in June of 2017, all of us city people got a pamphlet in our monthly water bills. It was a list of Code Enforcement’s top ten code violations. And there it was, listed as number nine — green pools — stating it is an imminent danger to health and public safety. 

So I mailed in a form that came with it and once again reported it. Here comes June 2018 — still nothing.

Now I see an article on the front page of the Recorder on 8/29/18 that states we have a confirmed case of West Nile Virus in Porterville. It warned about the dangers of mosquitoes, and Lord forbid if a child wandered in that back yard and fell in they would never find them, and there are children all around here.

I also see the Code Enforcement vehicles drive by home often. 

So my question is this  — why did the City of Porterville make a big deal out of enforcing broken codes by wasting paper and sending us this list of code violations if they don’t do anything about it?

I say that if the city doesn’t get its act together then shame on them!


C. Castruita


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