A different world for women decades ago


After reading S. Whaling’s letter in the Saturday, Sept. 29 edition of The Recorder, I was amazed it was written by a woman.

I’m assuming she’s too young to know how it was 36 years ago and further back. It was a man’s world, and they dominated the work force.

If we women wanted to keep our jobs we kept our mouths shut. If the guys were touchy-feely, we never said anything to anyone or our job was at stake. We were ashamed to tell our folks or share with anyone.

Watching the Kavanaugh hearings recently as one lady was telling the senator in the elevator how it was — how you live your horror every day — how would those men those men doing the questioning know how a woman could feel? In the work force the men were the dealers, even in school.

Thank God the FBI is now involved. It should have happened sooner, especially after Kavanaugh was asked if he would welcome an FBI probe.

No answer? What is he afraid of?


Lavern Travis



At-large voting still alive and well?


On December 12, 2017 the Porterville City Mayor and the City Attorney signed a Joint Stipulation for Entry of Final Judgment and Judgment Order in response to a lawsuit alleging violations of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA). 

The City smartly decided to implement the method of district voting versus the outdated and unconstitutional at-large voting system. The new voting system created five districts within the city, giving residents/voters of their respective district the right to elect a representative of “their choice” to represent them.  

The newly mandated district voting system reluctantly hurried the City and the at-large elected officials to perhaps pay more attention to the wants and needs of residents/voters within the newly formed districts.  

Having said all of the above, the city is failing and neglecting to comply with the new set of mandates under the law. 

In mid-August the city cleverly, deceptively, and intentionally appointed/selected the candidate of the “city’s choice” to represent the 2nd District. 

Keep in mind that the sitting councilman (Councilman/Mayor Stowe) was elected under the at-large voting system and not by choice of voters of his own district. 

Please keep in mind that the qualifications of Mr. Stowe are not the issue here, but the unconstitutional appointment is being challenged. The current appointment was implemented by four registered voters representing their own districts, and they took it upon themselves to select who would represent the 2nd District without giving the resident/voters proper notice. 

While the city notified the entire community as they would have under the at-large voting method, they neglected to directly and properly notify the residents/voters of the 2nd District. 

In essence, their public notice simply informed the residents/voters of the 2nd district that the current at-large elected council members are denying and depriving the voters of the  2nd district of their right to elect a representative of their own choice, and sending a message to those voters not to bother voting in November because their vote won’t count. They were also eliminating anyone’s interest in running as a write-in candidate. 

The unconstitutional at-large voting system is still in place, folks. If today the city can give you their choice of representative, tomorrow they will be telling you where you can live.  

I for one, on two separate occasions prior to the unconstitutional appointment, communicated with a City Clerk inquiring as to the date that I could pickup a write-in candidate form. 

I also contacted the Tulare County Elections Office (TCEO) for further information as the City Clerk advised me to do. TCEO advised that I could pick-up a nomination form commencing on the 10th of September. 

The City Clerk was made aware that there was outside interest in this option, but neglected to inform the person in charge of city elections in order to ensure there would be no interference to stop the unconstitutional appointment.

I have concluded that the only means of addressing this gross denial and deprivations of voting rights will have to be met with legal action. I have already notified the city with the intent. The City’s failure to respond in a timely manner, which is a common practice, left me no other alternative. The City has never considered the unnecessary cost to taxpayers.  

 After being gone for over four months I heard Councilman/Mayor Stowe over the local airwaves say that district voting made it hard to find the “right” candidates to run for office, so I respectfully ask Mr. Stowe, what is his definition of a “RIGHT” candidate? As I am concerned, it does not have to be a “right” candidate, but rather a constitutionally elected representative that would fall under the “choice” of the voters in the 2nd District.  


John Duran


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