Remembering an angel


On June 24, early in the morning, an angel went home. Jennie Diaz left her many friends and loved ones and is now free from all the pain and disabilities that she had experienced.

For over 30 years she lived at Sun Villa, confined to her bed or a reclining chair. She didn’t let that get her down. Jennie was the unofficial greeter to any new resident; she wanted all to feel welcome and at home.

Jennie was always encouraging. The staff could always count on her to inspire struggling residents. Jennie was a friend to all, from the CNAs to the maintenance crew to the residents. She knew and spoke to all of them — in Spanish or English. 

Jennie had a great sense of humor. Once when I asked if anything exciting had happened that week, she replied, “Nope, no one fell out of bed.”

Most of all, Jennie was spiritual. She was anxious to share her love of the Savior and would tell us her personal experiences with Him and with visiting angels. 

None of us doubted her. She lived to have a close association with celestial beings. She will be missed by all that knew her.

Lynn Gong


District elections a game changer


I question why your paper, the local radio station, and the City of Porterville have  neglected to write or even talk about what could be one of the biggest changes in how Porterville residents will be voting on November 6. District voting is certainly going to have an impact on how residents are going to be represented and ultimately how the city does business.

The ‘good ole boy’ traditions and practices will eventually be challenged. As I see it, the “grow a pair” mentality, consulting fees to find ways that residents can be taxed higher, and the replacement of high-ranking law enforcement commanders with no public explanation will probably come to an end. 

Do the public a favor and keep them informed.

John Duran


Another missed opportunity


Feeling disappointed: There was a meeting at City Hall Wednesday night that citizens may have been unaware of. 

Porterville City Council had a meeting regarding legal sales of cannabis products, labs, and dispensaries for consideration and perhaps a proposal to put on the ballot for the voters to consider in the upcoming November mid terms. 

Channel 30 Six O’Clock News had a brief commentary. The meeting apparently started at 6:00 p.m. There were three citizens including myself in attendance, and I arrived late. 

Essentially a strong majority of Californians voted to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana, Prop 64 in 2016. It took several months to develop regulations. Medicinal marijuana has been legal and regulated in Porterville for many years, but with no real revenue to the city. 

When Prop 64 passed and regulations were developed, other cities in the State embraced the opportunity, and it has created large revenues for those cities, counties and the state along with a multitude of jobs. 

Taxes generated in some cities have been thousands of dollars per month. Use of alcohol, tobacco, opiates and other highly addictive drugs has declined significantly as a result, and it reduces Dark Money. 

It appeared that the meeting was essentially unannounced, so really there was not an opportunity for citizens to give their input. 

I recommended that this item be placed on the agenda and announced to the public for upcoming meeting, rather than rejecting, however they wouldn’t consider. 

It’s very sad that our city seems to be so conflicted by implementing a State Law that could benefit so many. During out-of-state travel in Oregon, I’ve seen the benefits of taxation and regulations an addition to the variety of public benefits, bridges and road construction, infrastructure and numerous jobs, jobs, jobs. 

I would like to applaud Lindsay, Woodlake and Mendota just to name a few for their boldness and foresight to reel in the additional revenue for the benefit of their citizens. The issues of homelessness, lack of employment, illicit drug abuse and infrastructure conditions could be easily resolved, and benefits largely outnumber the risks. Another missed opportunity Porterville.

Lawana Tate


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