Sanctuary Homes


Now that Donald Trump is president, we have an underground network, which has sanctuary homes to hide undocumented immigrants according to CNN.

We are reverting back in history to the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a secret network organized by people who helped men, women and children escape from slavery.

Culture is passed down from one generation to the next.

Each race encompasses a multitude of different ethnic groups. There are many ethnic groups in the U.S. due to the immigrant population.

Each group contributes to America’s cultural heritage.

Mexican immigrants do contribute to the United States.

The immigrants that work in the fields work hard for our families and their families.

We must stop focusing on our skin color!

Our nation was built on the people of all races, religions, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.

Elaine Flores





I am almost 70 years old and since Donald Trump was declared President this is the first time in my long life I have been ashamed to call myself an American.

Patrick Greene

San Antonio


Support Union


I am perplexed by the teachers who don’t want to pay their fair share of union dues and are suing our superintendent. These teachers have benefited from tireless efforts by the union to protect teachers’ rights, improve salaries, protect our retirement benefits, and support positive education legislation.

I wonder if these teachers know what our profession was like before we had a union. When I began teaching in 1958, a principal in Visalia threatened to fire any teacher who drank alcohol or smoked. At that time, he had the legal right to do so.

If a teacher was treated unfairly, she could complain to her fellow teachers, but there was no process by which to address grievances. At my first year at Tulare Union High School, I was required to teach Speech, Drama, English, Advanced Dance, and Beginning Dance. I also was in charge of dance shows, the Lions Club Speech Contest, two plays and the Christmas show. I was fine with all of this except the dance classes. I had only two college units in dance while most of my students had years of ballet, jazz, and tap. Luckily I had watched movie musicals and my students and I had a great time learning from one another. 

There was no extra pay for the endless evening and weekend rehearsals and performances. My yearly salary was $3,000. 

I quickly left Tulare to teach in Porterville. After five years here, I taught at Cal Poly for three years and Reedley College for one, When I returned to Porterville, I couldn’t be hired to teach because I was pregnant. However, I could substitute in P.E. at Bartlett Junior High when I was 8 months pregnant. 

After I had my baby, I was hired to teach at Monache, but because Porterville Union High School only granted five years of previous teaching experience on the salary schedule, I received a salary that was two years below the amount I had received before I left.

Now that I am retired, my union is working hard to protect my benefits. If I received one dollar for every student I taught, that would double my monthly income.  

The argument that the teachers’ union supports Democrats and not Republicans is valid only when one considers who is supporting teachers. Sometimes both parties support responsible legislation for education. However, the Democrats are more likely to have a better record on these issues.

We only have to look at Trump’s selection of a Secretary of Education, who has never attended a public school, to be concerned about the Republican’s education programs.

If the attack on the union by two Porterville teachers is successful and large numbers of teachers choose not to belong, vital lobbying efforts in support of education will be diminished. What will happen to retirements if no one protects them? If these teachers care about their profession, they should be willing to pay their fair share.

Shirley Skufca Hickman


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