A perplexed political persuasion


You revealed the position of the newspaper shortly after your takeover earlier this year. For that reason, I have been reluctant to tell you of another political position awake in our country.

The president’s appearance before all nations of the world makes it possible to write you a letter telling you how those of this country with a different political persuasion feel. I am sure the ‘deplorables’ all across the nation stopped to listen to their leader make his memorable speech to the leaders of the world.

When the president finished his line, “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” he paused and waited for the huge applause he expected. What he got was moans of laughter from the nations of the world.

It was a first for an American president. It is the first time we Americans have been laughed at in public by the whole world. He objected to a football player kneeling instead of saluting the flag. Then he took our beautiful flag overseas and wrapped it with the dirty, bloody rag of North Korea. Maybe he thought he could hide the blood of all the Marines who were killed in North Korea. He could not and he did not. They are still murderers and a threat to all of us.

Next, he took our flag to Helsinki to meet his business partners from Russia, where he spread our honor and the flag on the floor for Putin to step on. Then he suggested we turn over our FBI information to the Russians in a feeble attempt to be friendly.

No, we who are not deplorables do not want him to finish this term and I am glad that I will still have the right to vote in the November election.

Charles Keen



Some research on County Superintendent candidates


To the voters of Tulare County: I had the opportunity to attend a candidate’s night a little over a week ago. One of the races featured was for Tulare County’s Superintendent of Schools. Here are some of the things I noted:

t Classroom teaching experience: Tim Hire, four years at the secondary level. His opponent, two years at continuation level (although people have told me they can’t find evidence of a credential with the state of California.

t Years as Superintendent: Tim Hire, 12 years, with many of those years as Superintendent of Elementary District as well as High School District simultaneously prior to unification. His opponent has six years, the last three being at the Tulare County Office of Education.

t Districts served: Tim Hire has worked in two of the small to medium-sized school districts, which make up nearly 2/3 of Tulare County Schools. His opponent has worked only in the largest district in the County

Another thing I noticed was that Time Hire’s opponent continually refers to himself as THE Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Tulare County, when there are actually five Deputy Superintendents that serve at TCOE.

Tim Hire is entering the final third of his educational career at the age of 50; his opponent? I’ll let you research that for yourself.

Finally, I’ve noticed that in many ads, Tim Hire’s opponent says it is not the time for on-the-job training. I agree! And that is why I have done the research that I have done to see that Tim Hire is the right person to serve as our next Tulare County Superintendent of Schools.

Vahnn Blue


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