Thanks for the help with AASC


I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to some very special people who helped make our first McDermont X All-American Student Classic Invitational a very successful event for the middle grade students from eight schools in Tulare County.

The Classic — held on May 26 at McDermont X in Lindsay — featured 60 student athletes competing in six activities: three academic (math, science, reading) and three athletic contests (50 yard dash, rock climbing wall, obstacle course).

Our leadership team would like to commend the following for their support: 

First, The Porterville Recorder for the outstanding article by Matthew Sarr and photos by Chieko Hara. The coverage of the invitational was excellent.

Second, the 28 businesses organizations and individuals for their generous sponsorships. They are: AAA Medals, Craig Wheaton for Superintendent, El Tapatio Restaurant, Fernandez Insurance, Gubler for Assembly, Gurrola for Supervisor, Hergesheimer’s Donut Factory, Hoops Preschool, Imperial Ambulance, ITC, Jeff’s Music, J.T. Ag Service, Realtor Maggie Sanchez, 2014 AASC champion Matthew Cunanan, Merle Stone Chevrolet, Port Naz Christian Academy, Porterville Pregnancy Resource Center, Rocky Hill Antiques, R.M. Parks Inc., Smith Promotions, Spoons Frozen Yogurt, Stafford’s Chocolates, Strathmore 2017 State Football Champions, The Anvil BBQ, The Copy Center, Tom Wright State Farm, Town & Country Market, and Townsend for Supervisor 2018.

Third, the 30 volunteers who gave up their Saturday on Memorial Day weekend to assist in a vast array of activities. Their incredible services helped immensely and were instrumental in making the invitational a huge success. Volunteers from the Porterville/ Lindsay area included Rick and Valerie Craig, Dr. Larianne Torrez, Brandon, Luisa, Shane and Andrew Moody, Anastacio Ruiz, Sharon Taira, Emily and Jacob Ashcraft, and Ben Watson. Our teacher volunteers who came to help were Lori Wilbanks from Woodville Elementary and Noah Moore from Alpine Vista. We also were helped by several young sisters and elders from the local area LDS Church.

Fourth, we are so grateful to have had Marion Reneau, a Monache High School graduate and teacher at Farmersville High School, to present the 108 medal to the student athletes at the closing awards ceremony. Reneau is currently ranked seventh in the world in women’s mixed martial arts.

Finally, our leadership team members who did a remarkable job planning, organizing and presenting a first-class event for 60 very special middle grade student athletes in our county. Team members were Clint Ashcraft and Alfredo Velasco of McDermont X, AASC President Bob Pugh, AASC Vice-President Cindy Camarena, and AASC Manager Laurie Pugh.


Richard Schlagel, CEO of AASC



TLHD appreciates support in tough times


As president and vice-president of the Tulare Local Healthcare District (Tulare Regional Medical Center), we are writing to express our deepest appreciation for the phenomenal assistance and support we have received from our area hospitals. 

Community Medical Centers has worked with us for over a year, offering support and advice, providing a temporary loan, and placing staff in Tulare to help us evaluate our needs and options. CMC has outstanding staff, facilities, and reputation. We have no doubt the organization will continue to succeed.

Kaweah Delta’s CEO personally trained our new board members when our prior management staff failed to do so. Kaweah Delta Medical Center shouldered an enormous burden from our temporary closure, and served our citizens in need of hospital care well. They continue to offer us support and advice, and we hope we will continue to communicate regularly as both districts serve the medical needs of much of our county into the future. 

Adventist Health helped us in an emergency with our pharmaceuticals, responded immediately and enthusiastically to our call for proposals, and is providing us a great opportunity to open soon and successfully serve our district with quality and competency for many years to come. We look forward to a great, mutually beneficial partnership.

TRMC’s history has not reflected a lot of cooperation with other hospitals, and we hope and trust that will change dramatically in the future. We applaud and thank sincerely these institutions and the quality staffs they have. The board, and the people we serve, is indebted to them for their great assistance.


Kevin Northcraft, President

Mike Jamaica, Vice President

Tulare Local Healthcare District

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