Well I found out that we are supposed to water our yards on the weekends only. I found this out because I received a warning citation from the city because I was watering the yard at my rental property I own.

I called the number on the citation. Ended up talking to a woman. I explained this to her and said, “I’m curious. We are so short on water and that you are citing people. But you, the city, are letting thousands of illegal aliens move in and building hundreds of new homes on the end of Mathew and Newcomb by the river. All of theses things require a lot of water.” She just blew me of like a typical Dumbacrat; like I am a racist. End of conversation.

This is what happens when Dumbacrats are in control of anything. I am the enemy and people here illegally or even legally, but not born here, are protected and cared for. 

God bless President Trump. Thank God almighty he won. Now we need to re-elect him in 2020 and give him a super majority.

Hopefully he can put a stop to a lot more of the insanity going on with sanctuary state, county and city, as well has a number of other crazy stupid things happening from the maniacs on the left. Here endeth the lesson!

By the way, before it is said, I am not a racist. I couldn’t care less what color anyone is. I do care about the law. Right and wrong and the incredible debt we have. We spend $134 million every year on illegal immigration and at least that on legal immigration; welfare, food stamps, free education free healthcare. We are broke. We cant do this anymore. 

What would that money do for the homeless or the veterans or the elderly; our military, healthcare. And don’t tell me they pay taxes. Nothing but a pile of fecal matter. They make minimum wage sometimes less, sometimes a little more. How much in taxes do you think they pay? Please, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the tax payer.

Ken Lowe



The filth


Out of curiosity we turned to the Grammys. Never again will we ever watch CBS. We had to turn the show off. The language and filth against “our” president. The women might as well have been nude — enough phony bodies and faces. Plastic surgeons are excited about more possible wanna-be beautifuls. They need to start with their filthy mouth.

President Trump is the best president we’ve ever had. He is 100 percent for America! We have jobs, people are getting bonuses, and more companies are moving to America. We have always been a country who loves our God and respects our president.

We would all be better off if the “dreamers” became citizens and got off welfare. Get a job, and grow up. The gravy train needs to stop.

Why is Hillary Clinton still trying to keep her pity story going? She should be able to live on all of the money she and Bill have cheated people out of. Who cares what Obama thinks? He cheated people also.

The Democrats sit on their heads and that is their problem.

God bless America, the greatest county with the greatest president.

Kelly Ramsey



Thank God for Trump


Thank God for President Trump. He has done more for our country than Obama had done in eight years. He took money from American people and gave it to Iran in the dead of night. How sneaky can you be?

President Trump is building our country, bringing business back. Give President Trump a chance, he will make America great. The world has always looked up to us.

Hillary Clinton is a mess. She allowed Americans to die in Benghazi.

It would be nice if Hillary and Obama just kept quiet and let Trump be Trump. They are two big sore losers and I hope I don’t have to look at them.

I wish I was a magician and could make them disappear.

Rosales Gonzales


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