here’s the quality of life for our homeless?


I read, with much concerns, the article on the City Officials’ last meeting. In this meeting, there was a report from the Tulare County Task Force on Homelessness. In this report the TCTH seemed to be concerned about the tents that the homeless are using.

They stated that alternatives should be recommended, further stating that this type of living arrangement still allows drug addicts to access and use narcotics. They must be kidding!

The Council and Mayor are concerned about the homeless using tents to get in out of the cold, but on the other hand have licensed a facility here in our town that freely distributes synthetic heroin to our residents and homeless! Such hypocrisy should not exist in City government!

The irony of it all is that some I spoke to in City Hall should have known what the facility was doing. Some didn’t even know what type of business they had licensed. Seriously! They know now.

I would like to share with you the first paragraph of the mission statement on the City’s Community Development page. It reads: “ Our mission is to serve and respond to the needs of the Porterville community for a better quality of life through visionary planning, design and development — now and in the future.”

Now further on in the article I mentioned earlier, I learned that a new law that affects city sidewalk vendors — SB 946 — was passed and will in effect here soon. I did speak with a city official concerning the regulations surrounding this new law. I asked the question: Will the City allow recreational marijuana to be sold by the vendors on the city streets?

It appears the law states a city had the right to make the governing rules as long as they don’t discriminate. Discriminate? I know a statement was made at the meeting that medical marijuana would not bring in as much revenue as recreational marijuana. 

That being said, I guess the City of Porterville must benefit financially from its visionary planning by licensing the BAART methadone clinic, but I assure you it has not been for a better quality of life for our homeless population!

I ask sincerely, where does the better quality of life the City offers its citizens come into play? I have witnessed just the opposite for our homeless.


Elaine Harris



Regarding the inequality complaint...


I am tired of hearing the Progressives bemoan income inequality. Would Nancy Pelosi give up her millions to make someone richer? Would Kamala Harris give up hers to a poor person in San Francisco? Of course not! They want to tax others.

All the Tome Steyers and George Soroses are underscoring the movement. They won’t suffer one bit. Would those in Hollywood or music or sports be willing to take less to do the same work? No again — they think they are worth it.

Why shouldn’t the plumber, the gardener, the grocery checker or the fireman be paid on a par with Bernie Sanders and his three houses? What is fair?

I watched our unions work for inequality, not looking to whether we all deserve it. We all know a co-worker who is chronically late, meaning we have done a lot of work before they get there. Some leave early and take long lunches. Do they deserve the same pay as conscientious workers? What is really fair?

Do the little shopkeepers need to pay more taxes to stay in business? They provide services big businesses have stopped offering because it isn’t as profitable. Think of the people in Porterville such as the pioneers in the recent insert to the Recorder. Sure, Walmart and McDonalds are popular, but there are smaller eateries and shops that fix our cars, give us a new hairdo, or the EMT system that is there at a moment’s notice.

What is life really worth? We are not equal, but if the AI is what is coming to replace us, they will not be equal either. Some are bigger and move better.

Do we want to be robots, or are we still human enough to want to decide things for ourselves?


Priscilla Styer


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