EGF thanks the community


Porterville, you are so wonderful. We at El Granito wish to thank you fro your generous giving to the less fortunate of our city and surrounding areas.

Because of your generosity, we were able to bless hundreds and hundreds of families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You are so precious for assisting us with our 45 years of helping this wonderful community.

Thanks to: Porterville Lanes, Orange Works Cafe, Porterville Recorder, Grace Rodriguez Family, Frank Gonzalez Family, Oscar and Destine, El Granito Drug Diversion Team, Carroll’s Tire Warehouse, Quality Paint and Body, N.D.S., Inc., Adriana Drummond, Subway, Yvonne and Eric Penistra, David Horowitz Jewelry, Landmark Christian Center, Attorney Mark Derzon, Visalia Rescue Mission for donating 250 turkeys, Foster Farms for donating 2.5 pallets of chicken, Harley Davidson for donating 40 blankets and 100 wrapped presents, Lucky Wholesale for two pallets of canned foods, ALDI Market, Flower Bakery, Porterville City Hall, Joven Insurance, Doreen Nails and Aaron’s for donating containers, Joyce Crawford and Family, PSW copy center, Dollar Tree, Monache High School and a host of other team members. You all are so wonderful.

I love Porterville!


Janice Rice




Carley portrays Conservatives in the wrong light


Just like a good liberal, Mr. Carley spouts their usual gibberish. Conservatives, Republicans and Independents are not what we are accused of being. We are uncaring because we don’t espouse your rhetoric. We don’t single anyone out as black, Hispanic or gay. Sure, some people do that, but you are putting us in a group as you accuse us of doing to those kind of people.

My ancestors came here before the American Revolution, some even greeted the Europeans. I was raised conservatively, not politically, but the ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy is what they handed down. I never heard my father say anything bad about anyone. The worst he said was when a batter came out to the plate and the announcer said he was an All-American, Father would say, “An All-American out,” which he was right about.

So you might say my ancestors were illegal, but there was no country then. We became a country of laws, and today with liberal policies, laws are going by the wayside. 

To be fair, we must not incarcerate a minority or gay. What about the two recent illegal alien killings — people who should have been deported? As to the wall, China has had one for centuries, and Israel does today as well.

Then, how many of us are getting security systems? We want our houses or businesses safe, and the wall is the same principle — to secure our country. As to letting so many in, what about the slain policeman who came here legally from Fiji? What was his reward for ‘doing it right?’ How many other countries have citizens who want to come here? Should we just let everyone in? We can’t afford benefits of our own, let alone illegals.

Liberals talk of equality. The only time we are equal is when the sperm and egg unite. From then on, we are individuals. If things were equal, I would be able to paint like my mother (my sister got that gene). I got the more logical mind from my father. We are the various colors of our ancestors — who someone sleeps with is of no concern to me.

We have had many cultures merge into a great nation of pizza, tacos, chow mein and strudel and made it our own unique eating experience. Then add steak and potatoes to finish what we are. In it all, people who come here should speak English in order to get ahead in their pursuit of the American dream.


Priscilla Steyer


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