Creating a paper trail that matters



Recently, on “60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl interviewed Trump and he admitted that it is not only Russia but China too when she asked if Russia had any interference in the 2016 election. 

It’s pretty common knowledge now that Russia is using their cyber abilities to find holes in our national security to undermine our elections. 

In our Tulare County 2016 voting polls, observations were made and letters were written to the Tulare Co Registrar’s office regarding the glitches in our electronic voting system that the County is using and will continue to use. It’s not only happening here but all across CA and the U.S. 

That’s why several states and counties within those states have taken steps to make sure our votes are secure. According to the May 3rd edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, San Mateo County sent paper ballots to all of its residents whether they wanted them or not. In addition, 22 additional states in the U.S. are going paper only. 

The best way to ensure that our votes count is to create a paper trail. You have until October 30th, to request a “vote by mail” ballot. The sooner you request it the sooner you can rest easy knowing your paper ballot is in.

What else can we do to ensure our votes count? Volunteer. The Registrar’s office is looking for people to count votes for Nov 6th, and observers from either party are needed at the polls. Let’s show our patriotism and loyalty by making sure we vote and that we protect the privilege to vote. 

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at Berkley and author of 14 books on economics said it best when he said, “The largest party, in America by the way, isn’t the Democrats nor the Republicans, it’s the party of non-voters” 

Our democracy depends on you!


Sheila Bishop



A low point for a lifelong Republican



I have been a Republican all my life. I defended my party and felt very comfortable with being a Republican. Now? I am ashamed of how we support the President. The same President that treats women with no respect. The man who makes fun of the disabled. A man who questions our intelligence agencies. The same man who makes friends with tyrants and pushes away our long time allies. I will always be a Republican, but I cannot condone his behavior or any of the “Republican puppets” that do his bidding. This is embarrassing and shameful.


Neil Buford


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