Thank you to The Recorder


On behalf of Comision Honorifica Mexicana-Americana and OLA RAZA, Inc., we wish to thank The Porterville Recorder for the outstanding coverage of our 2018  Cinco de Mayo Festivities.  

We especially appreciate the support from the Publisher Bill Parsons and Managing Editor Brian Williams. 

The Editorial was outstanding and very much  in tune with our 91st  CHMA Porterville Cinco de Mayo celebration, and because most people are not aware of the important role that the Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo) played in the history of the United States. 

We also thank the  photographer for the beautiful  photographs of our events.

And,  a very special  thank you to the Advertising  Department (Josie Chapman, Director and Sonia Fuentes) for the great quality work and your patience.  


 Roberto and Teresa de la Rosa



Where are we headed?


What is this vendetta Trump has against the Mexican people? I remember when running for president he went after a judge who displeased him with a decision he made against him. 

Right away Trump accused him of not doing the right thing because the judge’s parents were of Mexican decent. What that had to do with the decision is still a mystery.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but many years ago the farmers in Southern California were given permission to bring Mexican laborers or workers over the border to work in the fields, providing the farmers returned the workers back to Mexico when the crops were done.

I imagine for a few years the farmers did that but after a while they may have told them OK crops are done you go back home. How many did or didn’t we’ll never know, but if I could make a better life for my family, what would you choose to do, take a chance or...

Trump has blamed everyone for everything. Now we’re going for military border control. Folks East and West Germany had a wall. Their country was run by a dictator, his name was Hitler, and Mussolini and Stalin were not far behind. They ruled by the iron fist.

My question is where are we heading?


Lavern Travis


Think about what Brown is doing


Is Jerry Brown a little crazy? Can’t he see what is going on with sanctuary cities?

Remember Kate Steinle? A beautiful woman shot to death for no reason. 

We have family in the San Diego area, the homes are beautiful and people work hard for what they have.

I believe if Brown gets his way and I believe it’s to support sanctuary cities. He is the worst governor we have ever had. 

Thank God we lived in the 40s and 50s, when life was great. We all honored our president and respected him. 

No iPhones so families were able to talk to their children. 

No illegals to commit crimes. I am not blaming them for the way things are, but everybody needs to think about what air head Brown is trying to do.

We need to pray for what is right. God listens.

Dee Gamez


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