Book signing at PR office a success


The book signing on Saturday, January 12 was absolutely amazing, and your article on my new book was an undeniable seller.  You prompted many people to swing by the Recorder office and pick up a book, and the range of ages was from a 40-year-old father buying it for his kids, and at least one 80-year-old grandmother buying it for their grandchildren.  

In fact, I sold every book I had! I had to leave a “SOLD OUT - BUT MORE ON ORDER” sign on the front door.

By 11 a.m., when it was scheduled to start, I had sold four books.  Before I could get the trunk down on the car, a lady drove up, stuck her head out the window and said, “I want a book.  Do I have to wait until you start? I gotta run some errands.”  By 12:20, the last book was gone. Fortunately, another 40 copies are on order.  

So, thank you very much for an outstanding article. That was a key factor in my success today.

We were struck by the number of people who approached and acted as if they knew me and were old friends. But the readers of my column feel as if they do know me, and Sharon, and Bob, and of course, Mr. Boo.  


Brent Gill




New Porterville Rescue Mission needs more time


It was very disturbing reading your article on the desire of the city to shut down the New Porterville Rescue Mission.  The code enforcement division doesn’t seem to be adhering to their declared mission on the city’s website “to encourage and assist in gaining voluntary compliance with City laws and codes”.  

A 14-day relocation time period is unreasonable if they are an outfit that is meant to assist people.  It is obvious that this is an outfit that is not meant to help people, but one of revenue generation.  

The people of the city are not being represented at the City Council because the city has the power to be decent and they are not decent.  If I were doing the installation on the fire extinguishing system required, it could take a couple weeks or more to order and receive the equipment needed.  

City of Porterville, give them a year and be human beings about this issue. Shame on you.


Tim Davis



Why stop at the southern border?


The “wall” should not stop at one section — why not surround the whole U.S. and run it like a communist country?

Trump is holding the U.S. and all of the people who depend on the government hostages. Other countries now can blow us up or take us over. 

Trump is giving us away — his token gifts for those who pay the most.

Think about it!


Lavern Travis


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