No more chlorpyrifos!



When the Federal court ordered the Trump Administration to ban the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos last week, our state Attorney General Becerra said: “This is one more example of how then-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt skirted the law and endangered the health of our children.” 

There is more chlorpyrifos applied in Tulare County than any California county except Kern—and there was 25% more applied in 2016 than in 2015. 

Our children are at risk of brain harm now due to chlorpyrifos exposure, as it is a reproductive toxin and toxic air contaminant, according to the state. 

I’m not surprised when Trump and his henchmen endanger the health of our children, but until our State Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) bans chlorpyrifos, it is guilty of the same crime! No more chlorpyrifos—not one more day!


Raul Garcia




A shameful shopping cart ordinance



Shame on Porterville City Council. It seams to me we could have a better feeling about ourselves if we took the time to help the homeless rather than make life harder for them.  

After all, we have created the issue the homeless have today. Why can’t we create jobs and homes for them? It takes more money to get into a rental shack than a down payment on a home.  Isn’t something wrong with this picture?

I have fumed and fretted over this ordinance since  I read it in the Recorder on July 26.  Then on Sunday at church I read this: “We see people in pain and ignore the opportunity to help; we walk by the homeless pretending we don’t see them. We refuse to be immersed in the work of healing.  We want easy lives, this we confess, Lord, and ask how we can help. “

Are we really wanting to help? Are we, Porterville City Council?  This will come back to nip you on the just wait.  You cannot push people against the wall with no place to go.


Pegi Handley


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