Many thanks for honest and helpful people


I am writing this letter because I am grateful to live with people that are of good character, honest and professional.

On August 31 in the morning on my way to In Shape Fitness for my morning workout, I decided to to stop at CVS Pharmacy located on Henderson and Prospect to pick up some medication and essentials. I paid for my purchase and put my wallet in my jacket pocket.

When I parked in the In Shape parking lot I reach for my wallet and I noticed it was missing, and looked all over the car to no avail. I became very hysterical and rushed back to CVS and asked a lady there if anyone had turned in a wallet, as I had just lost mine. She stated no one had turned in a missing wallet, but took my name and phone number just in case.

I then came home and called the police station here in town. The officer took my report and stated she would send an officer to my house to take my report on my missing wallet.

While the officer and I are talking outside, my grandson comes out and says, “Grandpa, someone just called from CVS and said someone found your wallet and turned it in to CVS staff.”

The officer talked to the person who found the wallet, went to CVS Pharmacy and got my wallet and turned it over to me.

In closing, I would like to thank the person who found my wallet from the bottom of my heart — they are honest and caring. Thank you CVS staff and the officer involved. I plan to pass this on when I get the opportunity to do so.


Joseph R. Fuentes



An accident waiting to happen

Dear Editor, 

I happened to be driving west on Clare Ave. after making a right from Mathew, at 3:15 p.m. on a weekday afternoon. This put me directly in the heavy Summit Charter School afternoon pick-up traffic. I was shocked at what I had driven into. 

As I was headed west, most of those also headed west needed to wait their turn to make a left turn into the SCA Mathew parking lot to drive through and pick up their child. As I waited patiently for traffic to move, I witnessed six cars (likely local residents), not waiting for students, pass all the other vehicles headed west on the left hand side. This put them speeding dangerously into the east bound traffic lane, and even worse, blocking vehicles needing to safely make the left hand turn that crosses over the eastbound lane into the Summit parking lot to pick up their children. 

Please, let’s not wait until we meet a death quota to put in a desperately needed turning lane!


Anna Zimmerman



Taking Carley to task


I sure got a chuckle out of Michael Carley’s Aug. 29 “A World without Facts” commentary. In it, Carley suggested “it has become clear that Republican politicians do lie more often than Democratic ones” and that President Trump lied six times more often in his first six months in office than President Obama did his whole time in office. 

Aside from Carley’s tacit admission that President Obama and the Democrats are also liars, what makes the piece laughable is his reliance on the New York Times as a source, followed by his assertion that “limited evidence” supports the notion of the “supposed liberal bias of the media.”

The New York Times’ liberal bias is undeniable: it has not endorsed a Republican presidential candidate in over 60 years, numerous polls document that its readers recognize its left-wing bent and its “public editor” Daniel Okrent even admitted the bias in 2004. 

Its left-wing hypocrisy was recently shown when it refused to fire an editor who made overtly racist statements because the statements were directed against white men. 

The media’s openly anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias and even hatred are so obvious that Carley’s refusal to acknowledge them is cause for concern. After all, as a well-trained researcher, Carley is surely aware of the bias, which can only mean he is denying it in hopes of bolstering his questionable arguments. 

Not only does this call his integrity into question, the irony is priceless; he lies and propagates fake news in a commentary which chastises Republicans for lying and propagating fake news.


Steve Silver


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