Gill to have second book signing today at PR office 


After the wonderful story in the Recorder about me and the writing of the book titled, “Fire on Black Mountain,” the book signing on Saturday, January 12 was a huge success.  I said I would start at 11 a.m., but by then I’d already sold four books. 

When I expended my entire supply at 12:20 p.m., I had no choice but to go home.  As I was in the process of loading up to depart, two more folks came to buy books, but were turned away empty handed. Thank you to all the folks who have purchased the book. My sincere apologies to those who were disappointed.

The additional 40 books I’d ordered prior to the first book signing arrived, and have all been purchased. A second order of 40 has arrived. Therefore, a second Book Signing is now scheduled for today from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., once again on the front step of the Porterville Recorder, 115 E. Oak St.  I will stay until 3:00, unless of course my entire supply is purchased. If you want a book, I suggest you come at 1 p.m.

For those who are not familiar with the book, it is a junior-high, middle-school aged book, though many adults have said they enjoyed reading it. It is an adventure/action story about a 12-year-old boy called upon to do a grownup’s job, set is in the foothills and on Black Mountain near Springville. It is an exciting, coming-of-age tale with no swearing, no violence, and no sex or adult situations. The books sell for $14 including tax. Shipping is available for $5 per book. 

If you missed getting a copy two weeks ago, I’ll see you Saturday afternoon.


Brent Gill



Holiday Inn Express a community jewel


This past week, our family found a jewel in our community.  

Due to the passing of our father we had a large amount of family and friends coming to town. Most made reservations at the Holiday Inn Express and all who stayed there commented on the quality and cleanliness of the rooms, the friendly staff, breakfast selection, and overall travel experience.  

Many from large cities were quite pleasantly surprised with the level of excellence they discovered in our “small town.”  We extend our thanks and appreciation to the fine management and staff at the Holiday Inn Express on Hwy. 190 and Jaye Street.  It’s wonderful to have you in our community!


The Bidart and Prescott families



Enough with Trump


Mr. Trump has insulted the intelligence of the American people with his pounding, tweeting and foot stomping like a spoiled rotten kid.

His wife flies in a government plane, but important and vital national business is stopped by the spoiled brat — “no plane.”

How can Washington D.C. allow on and on? People with no pay!

Trump seems to be giving us to Russia and China.

Think about it.


Lavern Travis


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