Hearing about the issues that Tulare Regional Medical Center and its Local Healthcare District have been going through, we can’t help but feel for the employees, contractors, patients and the community.

Fiing for and going through chapter 9 bankruptcy, like Tulare is now doing, is not pleasant, but was the next natural and appropriate step in what has been a tumultous time for the health care institution.

The chapter 9 petition is a special bankruptcy/reorganization proceeding available to certain governmental entities which allows the reorganization of such entities through a legal proceeding presided over by the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Everyone on the board and its senior leadership is saying the right things — “it’s a chance to hit pause” and “gives them a fighting chance to keep the hospital open.”

For how long and in what capacity remains to be seen.

There are always stories of companies, people and entities rising from the ashes to once again become profitable and viable again.

But there are just as many stories, about things not ending well, or of them barely hanging on until all of their resources have been spent or run into the ground.

This filing does not mean they are or were providing poor service, it usually means some poor business decisions were made at some point.

We wish Tulare hospital and its board the best, but also realize healthcare is important to people and it’s difficult to gain their trust again once it’s been lost.

This is also a great reminder of just how fortunate we are to have Sierra View Medical Center and its local board on solid footing.

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