Tulare County nabbed its first suspects thanks to the use of SmartWater last week.

SmartWater is a marking device anybody can use to mark their possessions which is not visible and can rub off on anyone who comes into contact with it for up to five years.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux added it to the department in January.

The traceable liquid is invisible except under an ultraviolet black light. The sheriff’s department purchased several of those lights along with 1,200 small bottles of SmartWater.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department said in January that it will be the first law enforcement agency in the Western United States to utilize SmartWater, maybe the first outside of the state of Florida where it has been in use for a while now. Boudreaux said other places which are using SmartWater have “seen a 30 to 40 percent reduction in property crimes.”

The sheriff said they would make e the initial 1,200 applications available and “after that the company will sell it, at really almost at cost to them.” He estimated the cost is about $25 per small bottle.

Two men were arrested Friday as a result of SmartWater technology, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Two suspects were arrested early Friday morning in Tulare for attempting to steal a locomotive train horn valued at approximately $1,000. SmartWater was detected on one of the suspects following a collaboration between the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit and the Union Pacific Railroad with assistance from the Tulare Police Department.

The $25 cost per bottle is sound investment when compared to the potential loss.

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