It was sad to hear about 20-Ands club disbanding. The club had been around for 76 years.

20-Ands held its final dinner meeting on Oct. 26.

Over the years, 20-Ands has raised money for scholarships, helped feed needy families and taken part in Relay for Life and the Rock-a-Thon, just to name a few.

Club member Nancy Lewis, who wrote a nice piece about the club, said she was in her 80s and was one of the younger members and that gaining new and younger members was becoming harder and harder. Impossible is probably more accurate.

It’s a trend that we are seeing and have been witnessing over the years. Membership in these types of community service clubs is not growing or getting any younger.

The reasons are many.

Families are busier today. Parents are both usually working. They are more involved and have less time. And in small towns, as towns have lost local businesses, there are fewer people available to join clubs.

You never want to see clubs like 20-Ands fold after all of the good they did in the community for years and years.

Undoubtedly, some of the countless people and organizations they helped over the years will now need to find another giving member or members of the community to get them through a tough time.

We are sure someone will be there to step up and help, perhaps that someone will be a former 20-Ands member, because helping is what they know.

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