The Sierra View Local Healthcare District continues to follow the road to district elections that has been set in front of it by a group of people that have no interest in this community.

First the governing board held initial public meetings looking for feedback on drawing up the map that will have five districts. Very few people showed up.

Then the board formed a district zoning committee made up of members of the public and two current board members. Their goal is to establish a map with five districts of equal population, with each district electing its own SVLHD board member in future elections.

After considering three models for district zones prepared by Bay Area demographic research group Lapkoff and Gobalet earlier this year, the committee requested a fourth model that smoothed out boundary lines, making it easier for residents to determine at a glance in which district they reside.

The fourth proposed map also divides the populations of the districts more equally than the previous three models, bringing the population for each of the five districts closer to the target of 18,502.

These maps have been available online for viewing via the Sierra View Medical Center website, and were available Monday evening, the first of two public meetings. The second is set for this evening in the board room at the hospital.

Following the meeting, the committee will take the nearly nonexistent public feedback and recommend a map to the board for approval  next month.

We applaud the board for taking this seriously and doing what is being asked of it, instead of attempting to fight a winless and costly court battle.

But we continue to question the initial motive behind all of this. Going to district elections is supposed to stop the suppression of minority voters.

We could understand seeking change if people that lived here day in and day out felt like the system was not working, but to our knowledge they are OK with the at-large process.

We suggest that instead of having an outside group come in and start the process, we’d like to see it have to be initiated by someone from the community.

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