Last week the latest round of results from state standardized tests of math an English were released by the California Department of Education.

Unfortunately, they were once again depressing and predictable. Overall students in the state are not meeting or exceeding standards in math or English and the numbers remain flat from year to year.

Just under half, 48.56 of students across the state met or exceeded the English language arts/literacy standards.

Conversely, that means 51.44 percent did not meet or exceed standards.

It is much worse in math, where 37.56 percent of students met or exceeded standards. Again, conversely that means 62.44 did not meet or exceed standards.

Locally, where traditional, pathways, academies and personalized learning approaches are in play, the numbers are not any better.

Porterville Unified School District showed a 1.7 percent increase to 38.7 percent meeting or exceeding grade level in English language arts, and a 1.88 percent improvement to 22.88 percent in math compared to last year’s scores.

Burton School District recorded a decrease of 2.61 percent to 32.39 for English and a .97 percent increase to 22.97 in math.

Lindsay Unified School District showed a slight decrease of .86 percent to 31.14 for English and a 1.7 percent increase to 19.7 in math scores.

PUSD’s Harmony Magnet Academy, as expected turned in some of the highest marks — 89.86 meeting or exceeding grade level in English and 57.35 in math.

We realize education is complicated and basing success or failure all on the results of one test is ludicrous.

At the same time, we can’t just throw our hands up.

Schools, libraries and mentoring organizations need your help to help our children.

Students and schools can and must do better, but they can’t do it alone. We must all pitch in.

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