Just this past week, we sent a letter, pictures included, to one of our city council members regarding the exact thing written about by Mr. Paul Kerrigan in Saturday’s Recorder (8/12/17) in his letter entitled “Enforce Cleaner City.”

We are very glad to see that someone else (hopefully, many others) has(have) taken notice of the condition our “All American City” is in. Walking the city streets has become not only hazardous in terms of broken sidewalks and gutters, but also in terms of the amount of trash and dog residue left to rot for months at a time.

Yes, the street sweeper may come through once a week, but all that accomplishes is pushing all of the dirt to one or the other side of the street. One blow of wind, and we are back where we started.

Most alarming is the fact that children have begun to walk to and from school once again. Should they be subjected to such unsanitary conditions?

There have also been several mysterious leaks on the streets; thankfully, some have been fixed.

Three things here…

(1) People with dogs…Please walk your dog on a leash, and clean up what they leave behind (we thought that was a city ordinance in any case).

(2) Parents, please teach your children to take their trash to a trash can. If none are available, teach them to hold onto their candy wrappers until they are home, then toss it where it belongs…not on the street (not a difficult thing to learn).

(3) City of Porterville…take the same responsibility your citizens have to keep the areas around their homes clean and presentable…that is, keep the streets and sidewalks clean as well, not just push the dirt around, or tell us that the sidewalk is the homeowners’ job (that idea seems to get passed around according to opinion, depending who one speaks with at the City offices.)

It’s sad to see and to have to say, but perhaps not so hard to correct.

Juan & Sheryl Sánchez


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