Officer trains dogs for canine police work


For 14 years, Porterville Police Department Sgt. Jay Brock has worked with K-9 officers. His love for dogs led him to open Top Dog Training Center, a home-based K-9 training program, used by several area law enforcement agencies. Brock is our featured person in this week's edition of 10 Minutes With.

Porterville Recorder: How long has the company been in business?

Jay Brock: It's been open for about four years now.

PR: What got you interested in training K-9s?

JB: Just prior experience and training working with police dogs.

PR: How long had you been working with dogs before getting the idea to start the company of your own?

JB: Its been a total of about four years.

PR: Now, currently you have a K-9 partner. How long have you been partners, and do you prefer a dog over a human as a partner?

JB: I do have a dog named Seven, and we've been together about four years, and I don't know the answer to the other question. I've never worked in a two-person car. I think having a K-9 is a valuable tool for the department, but it doesn't substitute for another person.

PR: What do K-9 officers bring to the job that a human maybe would not?

JB: Their ability to search faster and more effectively than a group of officers would do.

PR: Gotcha. Back to the company, Top Dog Training. Where do you get the dogs?

JB: Most of the dogs are imported from Europe, not a specific place, but through contacts that bring the dogs from overseas.

PR: What departments have contracted your service?

JB: The Tulare County Sheriff's Department, Lindsay PD, Farmersville PD, Shafter PD, and Delano PD.

PR: What is involved in the training?

JB: The areas concentrated are in obedience, tracking, searching areas in buildings, and protection and control.

PR: And what do you get out of doing this line of work?

JB: Just helping others have the tools for law enforcement that benefits their departments and their communities, that's rewarding for me.

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This story was published in The Porterville Recorder on March 10, 2007

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