It was a pleasant Friday morning on August 30, and Bill Zigler and Bret Harmon, two employees withthe City of Lindsay, busied themselves setting up a final Friday Coffee in the Park at Lindsay’s City Park. Coffee and donuts were spread out on a table, and shortly after 8 a.m. Lindsay locals began gathering under the shaded table to say goodbye to Zigler. 

Zigler, who had been the city manager for Lindsay, was set to retire that day, and those who knew Zigler were there to say their good-byes and wish him well.

As an avid cylist, Zigler has big plans to take his cycling adventures out of state with a friend of his named Roy. After he sees his wife off to Isreal, Zigler and his friend will begin their cycling journey. With plans to cycle around a slew of states including North Dakota, Missouri and Washington, Zigler’s bicycle is sure to rack up thousands of miles on the trip. Zigler said he’s giving himself around a month to complete what he reffered to as his “cycling tour.” He enocurages people to follow his journey through his self-published blog called “Crazy Guy on a Bike.”

Once Zigler and his wife reunite, they will head to Portland, Ore., to spend time with their grandson “Little Joe” while the baby’s parents are on a trip to Washington D.C. After returning to the area, Zigler says he has a few projects he would like to finish up in the Camp Nelson area.

“And after that, I don’t know,” Zigler said with a laugh.

After working under Zigler for a little more than two and a half years, Harmon, who once sat as the city’s finance director, was in attendance to discuss with residents what his goals as the city’s new interim city manager would be.

“My goals as city manager? Well, I think there is a lot of different areas,” said Harmon “One is to wrap up all of the stuff from the past and just have those done and handled. We are looking positive on all of them. We have the remaining debt in the general fund, so we think we are going to be able to  deal with that within the next year and have that addressed or taken care of. So I have one goal to help people who continue to carry pain and suffering from the past to finally put it down and bury it. Then we want to take those who carry heavy burdens today, and improve their ability to carry them. 

“We have our CNG trucks that we can’t operate starting next year and so we’ve replaced those now. You’ll start to see those around the city. Public safety is growing their fire experience so that’s good in hindsight.

“My focus is going to be on community involvement and staff development.”

The duo of city empolyees saw their last day as co-workers together on Friday, and it was a bittersweet goodbye. When asked how it was to work under Zigler, Harmon had gracious words to share about his retiring coworker and friend.

“It was awesome,” said Harmon. “It was really good. He definetly took a chance on me, I think, and I appreciate that. We’ve had a lot of good converstaions. He listens well, and gave me feedback. It’s been good. We worked together pretty much every day on different projects.”

Only the future will tell what Harmon will do as the new interim City Manager, but for right now only one thing is certain, Zigler is off to clock countless miles on his trusty bicycle.

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