"brain and brawn"

From left: Selena Santiago (grade 7), Diego Garcia (grade 7), Joanna Lopez (grade 8) and Hugo Lemus (grade 8) were top finishers for their grade levels at Woodville Elementary's All-American Student Classic, a competition created by local educator Dick Schlagel where students use "brain and brawn" to compete in academic and athletic challenges.

2nd annual AASC Invitational set for June 1 at McDermont X

The All-American student classic, a competition for middle grade students from 5-6, and 7-8 grades featuring five academic tests and five athletic contests, was recently sponsored by Woodville Elementary School District.

The four major components of the classic — participation, competition, sportsmanship, and recognition — were all evident both in the classroom and on the athletic fields.

Participants used both brains and brawn competing in academics: math, science, history, and reading of English.

The athletic contests were the 50-yard dash, 880 yard run, basketball toss, softball throw, and the popular obstacle course.

Approximately 180 students were recognized for their participation and efforts of achievement at two fast-moving award ceremonies.

Samuel Cortez, sixth grade All-American, described the AASC by saying the event was fun, cool, and very challenging. His favorite activity was the obstacle course, and the most challenging test was history.

Jennifer Gonzalez, seventh grade, said, “Science was the most challenging test, and my two favorite athletic contests were the obstacle course and the 880 yard run.”

“The All-American classic is an amazing event that challenges my students both academically and athletically. Students, who don’t thrive in either event, flourished and gave 110 percent. It’s great to see students embrace something they otherwise may not have,” said Roxanna Flores, Woodville sixth grade teacher.

The awards ceremony featured a vast array of awards presented to a large number of very deserving student athletes. Awards included beautiful achievement certificates, colorful ribbons, and 90 gold, silver, and bronze medals. 

Overall winners in grades 5-8 were named Woodville’s 2019 All-American students. 

They were:

Grade 5/6: Samuel Cortez, Angel Morales, Estefania Gil-Chavez, Emily Ramos

Grade 7/8: Selena Santiago, Diego Garcia, Joanna Lopez, Hugo Lemus

Each received a book pack, and All-American plaques for their outstanding accomplishments.

Second and third place winners were the receipients of a string back pack. 

“Lori Willbanns, Event director, AASC, and seventh grade teacher, did an incredible job of planning, promoting and presenting the two outstanding classics,” said Dick Schlagel, CEO of the AASC. “She has continually demonstrated a very deep passion for the All-American Student Classic. She is a remarkable ambassador for this middle grades event.”

2nd annual AASC Invitiational set for June 1

“Approximately 7,800 students have now participated and enjoyed the AASC,” continued Schlagel. “The top ten scorers out of each grade level, five girls and give boys, will have the opportunity to participate in the second annual AASC Invitational at McDermont X on Saturday, June 1, at 9 a.m. in Lindsay, to showcase their knowledge and athletic skills against other AASC winners from Tulare County schools in a six-event classic.

The invitational will give students in grades 4-8 an opportunity to use their knowledge in three academic subjects: math, science, and reading. They will also display their athletic skills in three challenging contests: the rock climb, the challenge, and the obstacle course.

Participating students will receive lunch and then a fast-moving ceremony will be held at 1:30 p.m., where students will receive awards and recognition for their participation, efforts, and achievements.

Dr. Al Hearne, Jr., Superintendent of Redwood Schools Christian Schools in San Leandro, will be the keynote speaker. Dr. Hearne was a former All-American Student at Barlett Middle School’s Classic. He will also be recognizing this year’s All-American Student Classic top girl and boy scorer at each of the five participating grade levels. 

Over 90 students competed at last year’s AASC Invitational, and event officials are anticipating at least 150 participants at this year’s classic. 

“Last year’s invitational classic was a very successful event. We received many positive comments from parents, students, and volunteers,” said Schlagel. “The public is invited to this premier event. I am sure they will enjoy watching middle grade students using their brains and brawn in this exciting ‘Best of the Best’ classic.”

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