Jack Urquhart has been sitting in as a temporary city clerk for the City of Lindsay, and is looking to be officially appointed to the position by the City Council at the regularly scheduled Council meeting tonight. 

Although this item was up for approval on the Council’s previous agenda, Council members Yolanda Flores and Rosaena Sanchez expressed some concerns about the openness and availability of the vacant position to Lindsay residents. The Council members requested copies of Urquhart’s resume and qualifications before they felt comfortable making a final decision on whether or not to appoint him to the position. Assuming they have received the documents requested and looked over them, the Council will now cast a final vote for Urquhart’s employment through the city.

Tonight’s meeting will open with public comment. This is the time in which the public is encouraged to address the Council on any matters under its jurisdiction excluding any items scheduled for a public hearing. Speaker cards will be available at the back table, and anyone wishing to speak can fill one out to give to the city manager. Each speaker will receive three minutes at the stand, with no more than 30 minutes total for the entire public comment period.

Proclamations for Jim Kliegl and Jan Owens will be read for their successful completion of the Lindsay Community Theater marquee lighting. These proclamations will be presented by Mayor Pamela Kimball.

The Council will break for executive session, which is closed to the public. The Council will be conferring with legal counsel regarding anticipated litigation on one case involving significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph two of subdivision D in Section 54956.9.

After the closed executive session, the Council and city staff will reconvene publicly and begin their routine reports. Each Council member will give brief updates on any meetings and events they have attended recently. City manager, Bill Zigler, will offer the Council a round-up of reports and updates regarding city services, utilities and activities.

Tonight’s consent calendar sits at seven items. The Council can choose to approve all of the items in one motion, or can request specific items to be pulled for further discussion. The items up for Council approval are as follows: 1) City Council meeting minutes from July 23, 2) the Warrant List for July 17 through August 5, 3) the Treasurer’s Report for July, 4) Resolution 19-50 regarding workers compensation for off-duty peace officers responding out of state, 5) State required updates to personnel rules and regulations, 6) Assistant City Engineer and City Surveyor assignments, and 7) Temporary Use Permit 19-29 for Shakespeare in the Plaza.

Tulare County Area Transit’s Chief Engineer Ross Miller will be giving a presentation to the Council tonight regarding Southeast County service changes.

Finance Director Bret Harmon will ask that Council to approve the public notice draft for Proposition 218 which has to do with increases to the city’s refuse rates. At a previous meeting, Council discussed the possible increase in trash service fees within city limits. If approved, public notices will be mailed to each resident who uses the services provided by Mid Valley Disposal.

The Council will be presented with Resolution 19-49 which concerns a conditional use permit for a recycling center located at 455 Mirage Avenue. This item is scheduled for a public hearing, and residents are encouraged to provide the Council with feedback during the allotted comment period. Following this resolution, the Council will have the second reading of Ordinance 577, which regards the pre-zoning of a wastewater treatment plant.

Ordinance 578 will receive it’s first reading. This ordinance deals with accessory dwelling unit regulations. This item is also scheduled for a public hearing, and the Council is looking for comments regarding the regulations.

The Lindsay City Council will watch a video about railroad safety, and possibly approve a proclamation designating the month of September as Railroad Safety Month through Operation Lifesaver. Operation Lifesaver is a nationwide railroad safety organization that continues to request

all agencies within Tulare County support its initiative of increasing railroad crossing danger

awareness, and is requesting the Council adopt the proclamation.

After watching the videos and choosing whether or not to adopt the proclamation, the Council will move forward to an additional presentation of the housing element draft. This will be presented to the Council by the city manager.

Another executive session will commence towards the end of the meeting. This closed session regards a conference with labor negotiators pursuant to Section 54957.6.

Once the meeting is opened to the public again, the Council will be given the opportunity to request future agenda items, before the meeting is adjourned.

This meeting is scheduled for tonight beginning at 5:55 p.m., inside the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 251 E. Honolulu Street in Lindsay.

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