Two lawsuits have been filed against GreenPower Motor Company Chairman Fraser Atkinson.

GreenPower is a company whose manufacturing plant is located at 90 W. Poplar in Porterville. The plant in Porterville manufactures electric buses. GreenPower also has corporate offices in British Columbia, Canada and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

The lawsuit filed in Canada involves a dispute over intellectual property. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of David Oldridge in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Oldridge is essentially filing a countersuit against GreenPower. His lawsuit states he and his brother, Phillip Oldridge, incorporated GeeenPower in 2010.

Phillip Oldridge is the secretary of Maple Leaf Equipment Aircraft and Recovery, which has filed the other lawsuit against GreenPower.

David Oldridge is the former CEO of GreenPower and 2019, GreenPower sued Oldridge for breach of duty, alleging he actually helped competitors while he was still CEO and then entered manipulative trades after he was fired.

But in his suit Oldridge alleges he “created and held confidential and proprietary information regarding the designs, methods and procedures to manufacture three prototype buses.”

The lawsuit states GreenPower “transferred confidential information to to Oakmont Minerals Corp. without the knowledge, consent or authorization of” Oldridge. The suit states GreenPower then completed a reverse takeover of Oakmont Minerals.

The suit also alleges GreenPower has violated the agreement when it comes to several features in the manufacturing of buses.

The other suit was filed on behalf of Maple Leaf Equipment Aircraft and Recovery in Tulare County Superior Court. The suit was filed by attorneys Brett Abbott and Lillian Munoz of Gubler and Abbott in Visalia.

The suit has been filed against Atkinson, GreenPower president Brendan Riley, GreenPower vice-president of sales and marketing Ryne Shetterly and GreenPower fleet manager Alex Hernandez. The suit alleges Atkinson, Riley, Shetterly and Hernandez were working in concert or under the direction of GreenPower.

The suit states Maple Leaf entered into an agreement with GreenPower to provide commercial trucks and trailers to move freight for GreenPower in 2015. The suit states the agreement continued uninterrupted between 2015 and 2019.

The suit states GreenPower was aware of location changes made by Maple Leaf “and that the corporate existence was the same entity no matter what state it registered in.”

Among the allegations in the suit is in July, 2019, GreenPower stopped making payments on the trucks and trailers used in the agreement. The suit also states Phillip Oldridge discovered GreenPower hadn't paid the insurance renewal on the trucks and trailers.

GreenPower's office in Rancho Cucamonga was contacted but as of Thursday afternoon, the company hadn't provided a response.

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