Two men were arrested on drug charges after they were contacted in their vehicle on Wednesday.

Scott Johnson, 38, and Brian Neece, 31, both of Porterville were arrested.

At about 7:40 p.m. Wednesday, Porterville Police detectives contacted Johnson and Neece in a vehicle in the 1200 block of West Henderson Avenue during a narcotic investigation. During the contact Johnson and Neece were determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance, and subsequently arrested.

During his arrest Neece was found to be in possession of ¼ ounce of methamphetamine. A search of the vehicle revealed Johnson and Neece to be in possession of two operational digital scales, packaging material, approximately 1.5 grams of fentanyl, and ¾ of an ounce of methamphetamine.

Johnson and Neece were arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales, Possession of Controlled Substance, and being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. Johnson and Neece were booked at the South County Detention Facility. They're being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Anyone with any information regarding the case or any other drug activity are encouraged to contact the Porterville Police Department’s Narcotic Investigations Unit at (559) 782-7400 or through the departmental Facebook page. Those who have information may also provide it anonymously.


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