The Tule River Indian Tribal Council along with Eagle Mountain Casino Management, announced on May 13, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they've made the decision to temporarily continue to suspend the operations of the Eagle Mountain Casino until June 15.

The Tribal Council didn't make its decision lightly, recognizing the financial impact the extended closure would have not only on the Casino, but also the Tribe, as well its valued employees.

Although these decisions will come at a substantial expense to the Casino, the Tribal Council emphasized it's doing everything it possibly can to ensure the well-being of tribal members, Casino employees and guests and its “main priority is your health and safety at this time.”

“We continue to put the safety and health of our Team Members, Tribal Community Members, Guests, and families first, and thank you for your understanding during this difficult and trying pandemic crisis,” said Matthew Mingrone, Eagle Mountain Casino General Manager. “We continue to urge every Team Member to follow the CDC recommendations, as well as the State of California orders to Shelter in Place, wash your hands with warm water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds, stay at home if sick, practice social distancing and wear masks while running essential errands in public, and use common sense to make yourself and families safe.”

The Casino’s closure is one of several steps the Tribal Council has taken in recent weeks to address the imminent health threat of COVID-19. In addition to closing the Casino, the Tribal Council asked employees and guests as well as tribal members to “please continue to shelter in place” as requested by the State of California and the Federal Government for the health and safety of all. The Tribal Council further commented it greatly appreciates the patience of everyone during this unprecedented time as it attempts to ensure the overall welfare of tribal members as well as Casino employees and guests.

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