The Tule River Spillway Enlargement Project is coming close to the beginning of its Phase One construction. This phase will consist of the widening of the right embankment and realigning the road.

At a public meeting at the Ed Flory Veterans Memorial Building in Porterville on Tuesday, several of the project leads were present to answer any questions the community had and to address any concerns that may have risen. 

The design process for Phase One of the project is 95% complete, and is on schedule to be fully completed by February of 2020. Construction will begin shortly after the design is complete.

“They will be a temporary loss of some of the recreational access,” said Bryon Lake, the Senior Project Manager. “We are going to see in what ways we can provide access during fishing tournaments and things like that. If its not going to impact the construction going on, we will see what we can do.”

Once the design is complete, the plan is to award a contract in June and have construction in July. Construction on Phase One is estimated to be complete is 2021.

The design process for Phase Two is already underway. This is the weir building phase, which will take the longest amount of time in construction. Designs for the weir are already in the making, and professionals are looking at what rock work will need to be done in the area.

The entire project is estimated to be completed in 2023.

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