While the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom failed, it was overwhelmingly supported in Tulare County. And if Newsom had been recalled like those in the rest of the state who voted against the recall, Tulare County overwhelmingly preferred Larry Elder to be the governor.

Fifty-nine percent of those who voted in Tulare County voted in favor of the recall while 41 percent voted against it. The vote was 43,364 in favor and 30,597 against.

But the turnout in Tulare County was also low. There was a total of 74,129 who voted in the recall, only 36 percent of the 205,753 registered voters.

Elder received more than 65 percent of the votes of those who voted for a candidate to replace Newsom in Tulare County. Elder received 33,667 votes.

The next closest candidate was former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer was next closest with 3,336 votes, 6.59 percent of the vote. Businessman John Cox received 2,648 votes or 5.14 percent.

The most prominent Democrat on the ballot, who received no backing from the Democratic party, Kevin Paffrath, received 2,026 votes or 4 percent. Caitlyn Jenner received 530 votes or 1 percent.

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