Tulare County has consistently ranked behind the rest of the county and nation when it comes to COVID vaccination rates.
That pattern has continued when it comes to the fully vaccinated who have received their third booster shot. Tulare County ranks among the lowest in the state when it comes to those who have received boosters.
As of Friday based on state date 29 percent of the fully vaccinated have received their third booster shot in Tulare County. Tulare County is among only 19 counties in California with less than a third of fully vaccinated residents who have received their booster shot, according to a Cal Matters analysis.
Tulare County is like other San Joaquin Valley Counties who have had low vaccination rates and also have low booster rates. Forty-four of the 58 counties in the state have a rate of less than 40 percent of fully vaccinated residents who have received their booster. The Bay Area has a rate of 55 percent who have received their boosters.
As of Friday according to state data 66,483 of 232,715 fully vaccinated residents in Tulare County have received their booster. As of Saturday the Centers for Disease Control reported 235,015 Tulare County residents have been fully vaccinated, representing 51 percent of the population. As of Saturday the CDC reported 267,343 county residents have received one dose, which represents 58 percent of the county population.
The early indication is boosters are the most effective prevention against omicron which has driven the latest surge. Last week the CDC also lowered its guideline for the time from six months to five months after being fully vaccinated to receive a booster for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The guideline for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is two months to receive a booster after receiving the Johnson and Johnson shot.
The guidelines for the Moderna vaccine are for ages 18 and older and 12 and older for the Pfizer vaccine. The CDC also recommends a third booster shot for the immunocrompromised who have received the Pfizer vaccine for ages 5-11 28 days after they’ve been fully vaccinated.
Data also shows omicron is causing more breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated. The state’s latest data shows the fully vaccinated are 3.9 times less likely to test positive for COVID than the unvaccinated. That’s down from 5.2 times from the previous week.
The fully vaccinated are also 10.1 times less likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated in the state’s latest data. That’s down from 14.2 times from the previous week.
But health professionals state the biggest driver of the latest surge are the unvaccinated ages 24-45.

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