Trinity Lutheran

Participants in the Trinity Lutheran Church’s Performing arts camp rehears a scene from the faith based musical, “A Not So Terrible Parable.”

Seventeen Porterville-area children, ages 6-12, will present a faith-based musical at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday, July 22.

The presentation, which is a part of Trinity’s summer performing arts camp, will be held during the 11 a.m. worship service. The Musical, which is titled, “A Not So Terrible Parable” is based on the well-known parable of “The Good Samaritan.”

AAccording to camp Julie McIntosh and Kathryn Benander, “This is an enjoyable play, similar to a 1930’s Gumshoe Mystery and resembles PBS’s ‘Masterpiece Theater.’ It gives the kids the opportunity to display the skills they have learned in acting, singing, dance and other art forms, such as props, costumes and make-up. We hope member of the Community will join us for this fun and meaningful presentation.”

The Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 764 West Henderson Ave,, Porterville. 

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